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Monday, March 20, 2017

Our Week in iPhone Photos

Last week we got hit with a snowstorm -- which resulted in Lincoln having two snow days! He's up to 10 snow days so far his year -- yikes! Definitely not looking forward to making those up during summer vacation! So needless to say, we were a bit home bound last week. Anyways, here's a quick recap of our week...in photos!

I just love sleeping photos of my boys. I love that I can still see their sweet little baby face while they're asleep. 
Snow days meant lots of bonding time between brothers! Avery was happy about it. Lincoln however? Hmmm...
 Snow? What snow?
 Our sweet girl, Belle absolutely loves the snow. She'd stay outside all day to play if she could!
 Lincoln and daddy made a snow fort! This little boys day was made! He's been waiting for a good snowfall!!
 Because Saturday morning donuts on the couch are a must.
 Lincoln came home with a special St. Patrick's Day activity he did in school. It says, "My mom is because she does lots of nice stuff for me." And it's a picture of him and me...I'm giving him a present, LOL. He's seriously the sweetest little boy ever.
 Annnnd we ended our week with a lost front tooth! Who is this big kid?!?
How was your week? We're going to see Beauty and The Beast TODAY!!! I'll be posting my review soon!!

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