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Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Week in iPhone Photos

A few weeks back I mentioned I wanted to start documenting the dozens of photos I take weekly on my phone. It's more so for me to look back on. After all, when I originally started this blog that was really its sole purpose -- to document my journey through motherhood; sharing photos and stories of my boys.

This past week as super busy, as per usual. We started off at my parents house in Rhode Island for the weekend. My boys are such good little travelers.

 ...and yes. Donuts in the car, especially during 2 1/2 hour drives, is ALWAYS a good idea!!

You know what hardly ever happens anymore? My 7-year old falling asleep in the car. However, when it does happen, you know I snap a photo of that sweet little face.
I told you all about our super fun time on our Disney Cruise. We e joyed it so much that we booked a placeholder at a special discount while we were still onboard. Next year we'll be sailing on the Dream, and well, I couldn't be more excited! We received some happy mail last week, and it made it all the more real!!
 Mid-week we took the boys to the mall for some fun with Lego's and out for dinner.
Our sweet girl, Belle had her annual vet appointment. She's doing perfectly fine, except for her darn environmental allergies. Poor girl. Hopefully they'll clear up soon. Until then, we're spoiling her a bit ;)
Jared and I actually went out by ourselves one night...something that never happens! We had dinner plans with the best attorney on the planet (love you, Michael!), and his lovely wife. We had a wonderful evening.

I'm sure Lincoln and Avery enjoyed their evening as well...especially considering they got to stay up extra late! BUT no fear. Lincoln had yet another snow day the following morning. No missed sleep for him --  we'll just be going to school until July. Ugh.

The weekend was bitterly cold. We had to get the boys out of the house, though. Major cabin fever for all of us. We hit up one of their favorite spots, Dave & Busters. We had some lunch and they went a bit game crazy.
matching hoodies for the win!
chocolate fondue is always a good idea!
Lincoln has been saving his tickets FOREVER for this ridiculously giant stuffed Mario. Well, he FINALLY had enough. This is what a very happy little boy looks like -- and 15,000 tickets.
Annnnnd that brings us to Sunday. Daylight Savings is here again. I love springing ahead for more daylight, but man it's a tough adjustment. And of course for whatever reason, the kids are unaffected by the time change. Just us parents who are continuously sleep-deprived. Oh well.
 It was a stay-in-our-jammies all day kind of day. With lots of YouTube Kids, cuddles, and coffee.

Beauty and The Beast opens this week...are you going? Are you as excited as I am?! Oh, and we're expected to get another snowstorm. Fun. (insert extreme sarcasm).

Here's to the week ahead!

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