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Monday, February 27, 2017

DIY Disney Cruise Fish Extender

If you've ever traveled on a Disney Cruise, you might be familiar with Fish Extenders (FE's). When I was first invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, and found out it was both on land and on sea onboard the Disney Wonder, there became a lot of chatter about Fish Extenders. I had NO CLUE what one was -- honestly, I thought it was something you attached to a fishing pole, LOL. Boy was I wrong! 

A Fish Extender can be anything. From elaborate hand-sewn FE's on Etsy, to a simple reusable tote bag. Its purpose is to hang from the Fish that is located outside your stateroom on your Disney Cruise. The Fish Extender acts as a mailbox of sorts to hold gifts from guests in your FE group. Guests onboard sign-up for Fish Extender Groups. Groups usually consist of 10 staterooms. If you have a Disney Cruise booked in the future, click here to sign-up for a Fish Extender Group. 

That's really up to you! Do you enjoy making handmade gifts or would you prefer to purchase? The possibilities are endless. Some choose to give gifts to each individual in the stateroom, while others will give one stateroom gift for all to enjoy! On our cruise some of the gifts we received were photo frames, magnets, candy, coloring books and crayons, etc. 

I enjoy DIY projects, so I decided to make our own Fish Extender! It was really simple, and I'm happy with how it came out. Want to make your own too? Here's how:
DIY Disney Cruise Fish Extender, How to make a Fish Extender
Hanging Wall Organizer -- I loved this one, and you can't beat the price!!
Fabric -- I used a different piece of fabric for each family member based off our favorite characters.
Fabric Glue -- I found this to work better than a glue gun when adhering the fabric to the bins.
Ribbon -- I chose coordinating colors that matched our fabric choices, as well as a thicker ribbon to hang the Fish Extender.
Wooden Circles -- Either circles or ovals. I chose ovals for ours because of the length of our names.

--Cut fabric to size of bins.
--Use fabric glue to adhere fabric to each bin.
--Trim each bin with coordinating ribbon.
--Paint the wooden circles with 2-3 coats of white acrylic paint. Allow to dry.
--Use alphabet stickers to spell out family members names.
--Adhere wooden circles to each bin with hot glue.
--Tie your thicker ribbon to the top of your Fish Extender.

That's it! You're done!!
DIY Disney Cruise Fish Extender, How to make a Fish Extender
We really enjoyed participating in our Fish Extender. While it was a ton of work for me, my kids loved it -- and that's what it's all about, right?
DIY Disney Cruise Fish Extender, How to make a Fish Extender
Lincoln and Avery loved arriving at our stateroom and having special surprises inside our Fish Extender! They also really enjoyed distributing our gifts to the other members in our group!
DIY Disney Cruise Fish Extender, How to make a Fish Extender
I feel like it teaches kids something too. While they are receiving fun surprises, they're also sharing their own gifts with others. Teaching my boys kindness is so important to me.

Have you participated in a Disney Cruise Fish Extender? Please pin this image below for later!!
DIY Disney Cruise Fish Extender, How to make a Fish Extender

Looking for gift tags to attach to your Fish Extender gifts? Click here for free printables!!

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