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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bring Summer Fun to the Middle of Winter at Kalahari Resorts!

You all know how much our family enjoys traveling. Sometimes we like to just hop in the car and head somewhere not too far away for a road trip! I find it rather funny that Avery learned that phrase this past summer. Imagine a 2 1/2 year old running around saying, "ROAD TRIP!!" While a lot of parents I know dread any sort of road trip with their children, thankfully both of my boys are phenomenal travelers. I really think it helps that we started traveling with them when they were 4 months old. My parents live almost 3 hours away, and we make that trip at least once per month. They are just so accustomed to traveling!

We live in Connecticut....and it just so happens to be in the middle of winter. If we're traveling anywhere, you can guarantee we're not heading north! This is our view right now....
A frightfully cold 12 degrees. Sure it's pretty and all, but NOOOOO THANK YOU!!!

One of our family's favorite places to visit during the wintertime, is an indoor water park. It's almost like you're at some far away tropical destination, that just so happens to be indoors! After doing some research, it came to my attention that as of March 2017, Kalahari Resorts, located in the Poconos Mountains, will be home to America's Largest Indoor Water Park!! Even better? It's conveniently located just 3 hours from our house!! I think I've found our winter road trip!!
Kalahari Resorts, Poconos Mountains
At 7 and 3 years old, my boys both LOVE water parks. Sometimes with their 4 year age difference, it's a little difficult to find activities they will both enjoy. But anything involving water is guaranteed to be a hit! Here are a few reasons Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos should be your winter getaway!

  • Eight new slides. Are your kids adrenaline junkies like my 7 year old son? I know Lincoln could spend hours on these water slides!
  • Lazy River Expansion. This sounds like my cup of tea. Cruise around the new Cabana Island and relax in the water!
  • Coral Cove Kids Play Area. This cute water play area featuring, small slides, bouncers, and much more, is perfect for your little ones. I know my 3-year old could play all day here!
photo credit: Kalahari Resorts

Kalahari Resorts has also added additional amenities to enhance the guest experience. An addition of 520 rooms and suites, including the Big Five Suite, featuring 5 bedrooms, full kitchen, and sleeping up to 22 guests! WOW!!

New dining options are added to Kalahari, including fine, signature dining, and Sortino's Italian Kitchen featuring wood fired pizza and fun family dining. YUM!
Kalahari Resorts, Poconos Mountains
photo credit: Kalahari Resorts

Check out all of the additional fun activities by clicking here, and view their other locations in Wisconsin Dells and Sandusky, Ohio. Kalahari Resorts is really the perfect weekend escape with something for all ages. 
Kalahari Resorts, Poconos Mountains
photo credit: Kalahari Resorts

What new adventure at Kalahari Resorts is the most appealing to your family? Start planning your adventure here!!

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