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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Stitch Fix December 2016

I impulsively scheduled a Stitch Fix a few weeks ago. I thought it would be a nice little treat to myself right before the holidays. I actually need to go through my closet and get rid of some older clothing. Don't get me wrong, I love my yoga pants and hoodies, but it's nice to have some good quality pieces in my wardrobe. 

Just like my last fix, I requested all tops. However, while last time I asked for some business casual pieces, this fix I was open to more casual items. And guess what? Stitch Fix delivered.  It's REALLY hard sometimes when your fixes are so great. It makes being practical and sending items back that much harder! HA!

For those of you who may not be familiar with Stitch Fix and how it works, here's the rundown:
  • First you sign up for your first fix. 
  • Then you fill out your style profile.  This helps the stylists select clothing that they think will suit you.   Don't rush through this process!  Take your time so your stylist can really get to know your style!
  • Your stylist then chooses 5 items based on your profile.
  • You choose your price range.
  • The items are sent to your home (no shipping fees), and you then try them on. Keep what you like, send back (in the included pre-paid postage envelope) what you don't want. You can even exchange an item for another size if it's not the right fit!
  • There is a $20 styling fee, however this can be used to purchase any of the items you are sent!
  • If you decide to keep all 5 items, you receive a 25% discount. 
  • You then give feedback on your fix.  It's extremely important to be very detailed for your futures fixes!
I've always wanted a personal stylist, haven't you?!  That's exactly what Stitch Fix is! 
So, when I received the notification that my fix had shipped, I did what every Stitch Fix obsessed person does -- I totally cheated and peeked to see what was inside! And you guys? I was so, SO impressed. I really liked EVERYTHING! I feared for my wallet. HA! 

LAILA JAYDE Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top
The color of this top was perfect for wintertime. Because it's a bit looser fit, I thought it would look amazing with a pair of leggings. The sleeves however, fit me weird. They reminded me of "bat wings" or something of that sort. I just couldn't get past it. Back it goes.
HONEY PUNCH Layla Elbow Patch Detail Cardigan
This is hands-down probably the softest cardigan I've ever put on. It is 100% me. The colors, the stripes, and the cute little elbow patch. In fact, I have this cardigan pinned on my Pinterest board! I was super excited to see it included in my fix. That being said, I probably have three other very similar cardigans in my closet. Besides that, it was super long on me. I'm only 4'11." I was kind of drowning in it. Even if I exchanged it for an XS (I received a small), I don't think it would work. It seriously pained me to send this one back, because I really just wanted to wrap myself in its softness!

MARKET & SPRUCE Bernadette Lace Overlay Raglan Top
MARKET & SPRUCE Bernadette Lace Overlay Raglan Top, Stitch Fix
The lace detailing on this top is so beautiful. I really liked this top, but the sleeves were super casual, and I couldn't justify the price. Maybe if the sleeves were made with a better material I would have kept it. But for almost $60 I couldn't do it.

PAPERMOON Heather Lace Detail Blouse
PAPERMOON Heather Lace Detail Blouse, Stitch Fix
I loved the deep navy color of this top. The tabbed sleeves and lace detail were also a nice touch. I thought it would be a keeper for sure...until I tried it on. It just didn't fit me right. Back it goes.

MARKET & SPRUCE Evella Boatneck Top

MARKET & SPRUCE Evella Boatneck Top, Stitch Fix
Well, isn't this pretty? I am a huge fan of gray and white stripes, and I just love the touch of pink on the sleeves and bottom. This top can be dressed up or down, making it very versatile. It was just a bit bigger on me than I would have liked, but I decided to keep it anyway. I think sizing down would make it too small. This was the most expensive top in my fix, but I could justify the price due to its fine quality. This one is going in my closet!!

I was so happy with this fix. Honestly, this was probably the best one I've received -- it matches my style perfectly! What did you think of my fix this month? What would you have kept? If you're new to Stitch fix, and want to try a little something special for yourself...please do use my referral link here. I really love this service, and I hope you will too!

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