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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Have Courage and Be Kind

I usually don't post on weekends. However, when I found out that "World Kindness Day" is celebrated on November 13th, I had to post. I mean...if I'm being honest here, I think right now the world needs kindness more than ever. I don't usually talk politics on social media, and especially never on my blog. I understand and respect that it is a very personal subject -- and of course, controversial. No one is going to agree on everything. We all have different opinions and beliefs, and that's okay. It's what makes us all extraordinary human beings. No one wants to be a carbon copy of the next person. We are all unique in our own way. And I respect that.

With that being said, I cannot stand behind hate and discrimination. At this day in age, it is really sad that this is still such a strong presence in our society. By now I would have hoped that somehow the world could embrace kindness, rather than hatred. Yet it seems like it's a struggle, for some more than others.

I believe that we all have the power to let kindness win. To be strong enough to push away the negative. To have courage. Although it's a fairytale, Cinderella was so wise.
World Kindness Day
If only it could be that simple. To have that courage and simply be kind. It really is that easy. We just need to be strong and brave enough to embrace it.

The other day my son came home from school with a homework assignment. His first grade class is learning about Respect. They are focusing on not only respecting others, but respecting themselves as well. His assignment was to write 3 different things he does to respect himself. I read him the examples his teacher provided, but did not prompt him otherwise. He came up with this...
You guys, if my (almost) 7 year old can do this, so can you. Kindness. He has it. 100%. I have always said that my Lincoln has the kindest heart I have ever known. He proves it to me day after day. He doesn't understand hatred. He doesn't understand why someone would discriminate against another because they may look different, or have different beliefs. He takes people, and respects people for who they are. He is genuine. He is pure. He is compassionate. He is kind.

So today, on "World Kindness Day," I challenge you. I challenge you to think about 3 things you can do to respect yourself and others.

Do you have the courage to be kind?


  1. This is such a great message and I love that this is going around today!


  2. Inspiring. Children live what they see and learn. Kindness and respect are two of the most positive attributes we can model for our children and friends.

  3. This is such an awesome message, kids really do model after their parents, they aren't born with disrespect. My youngest (11) often gets in trouble for not finishing his work, why, because he's too busy helping his classmates finish their work. Can't get mad at him for that!


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