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Monday, October 24, 2016

Once Upon a Time Evil Queen DIY Costume

I am SO excited to be headed to Type-A Parent East Blog Conference at Walt Disney World this week! While we're there, of course we're making a Disney vacation out of it! Honestly, we weren't entirely sure if we were going to be able to attend, until the other day. Because of that, we've been keeping quiet about it around the boys. I didn't want to disappoint them if we had to cancel! Anyways, when Lincoln came home from school the other day, I had our 30 day countdown calendar set out for him on the table. I told him to cross off a day...and then another day...and then another -- until we had just 8 days to go! He was SO happy to realize we would be visiting the happiest place on earth so soon!

While we are visiting, we have tickets to attend Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! I have heard what a blast this is, and I'm really looking forward to attending. Of course part of the fun about the party is dressing up in a costume! Jared and I wanted to do some sort of  Disney "couple" costume. We thought of several different possibilities, but ultimately decided on The Evil Queen and Robin Hood from Once Upon a Time

I am a HUGE Once Upon a Time fan, and the Evil Queen is my favorite character. I was so happy that Jared jumped on board with my idea. 

First thing though, we had to find costumes. While Jared found a decent prepackaged Robin Hood costume, I wasn't entirely impressed with the Evil Queen's selection. After much deliberation, I decided to attempt a DIY Evil Queen Costume!!
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It was really quite simple. I based the pieces off of the photo of the Evil Queen, pictured above, and went from there.

Red Stud Earrings
Lace Cropped Shrug
Lace Up Corset Bustier Top
Poison Apple Necklace
Faux Leather Pants
Flared Skirt
Black Knee High Boots
Fake Red Poison Apple

I am incredibly excited with how this came together, and I'm looking forward to dressing up for the party! Follow me along on instagram for live photos during the event!

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