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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Lincoln's First Day of First Grade!

Well, we have a big First Grader in the house! Last week, my sweet boy Lincoln started First Grade! Even though he was super excited to go back-to-school and see his friends, the night before he actually told me he was a little bit nervous. That actually broke my heart a little bit. It means he's getting older. He's more in touch with his emotions. Of course I reassured him telling him how much fun he would well as how those nerves would quickly disappear once he was there. That seemed to satisfy him. Well, that and a huge hug from his Mommy. 
Lincoln helped me design his Back-to-School sign this year. He chose the banner design on the top and bottom, as well as the colors. 
After he got on the bus in the morning, Jared and I were invited to "The First Day" celebration at his school. We had coffee and chatted with the other parents, and then we got to visit Lincoln in his classroom!
He was SO excited to see us. He also told me right away that he was no longer nervous :)

His teacher prepared a scavenger hunt around the classroom. Lincoln had a lot of fun showing us where everything was located!

So far he's been enjoying First Grade. He's going to have a wonderful year!

Just for fun I grabbed his "first day of kindergarten" photo to compare with his "first day of first grade" photo....
Yeah. What a difference one year makes! The picture on the left shows those baby cheeks and little cheese face. The photo on the right shows a confident little boy. My goodness, I love him so, SO much!

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