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Monday, August 22, 2016

Santa's Village -- "Pure Joy. Family Style."

I was recently offered the exclusive opportunity to be part of Santa's Squad for Santa's Village this year! Santa's Village is one of the USA's Top 25 Amusement Parks -- it's the ONLY park listed that's located in New England! As excited as I was for the invitation, my two little boys were even happier! We packed our bags, and headed to Jefferson, New Hampshire. Lincoln and Avery were thrilled their Grammy and Grandpa joined us for the occasion. We were ready for a day of fun!

Santa's Village -- "Pure Joy. Family Style."
We were greeted at Santa's Village upon our arrival and headed straight to Elf University. Here Lincoln and Avery picked up their Elfabet Cards! 
There are 26 Elves located throughout Santa's Village. If you get your card stamped at each location (or most), you will receive a surprise when you turn your card in at the end of the day! This was hands-down one of Lincoln's favorite things ever. It was a great big scavenger hunt! He eagerly raced to each Elf he could find! Avery is still a bit too little to completely understand the concept, but his big brother made sure he got his card stamped as well!
While we were busy finding Elves, the boys enjoyed many of the rides offered. There is something for all ages! While Lincoln was tall enough for every ride, I really appreciated that we could easily look up which rides Avery was able to ride in the pamphlet given to us. This way, we were able to avoid any possible meltdowns beforehand.
And speaking of rides...OMG you guys, Avery LOVES them!! He didn't want to stop for a single second! He didn't want to eat lunch, he didn't even want ice cream...he just kept saying, "more rides!!" Check out this adorable video and see how excited both of my boys are on The Chimney Drop.
So much happiness!! I think my favorite part of Santa's Village was the Reindeer Rendezvous. Here you can visit with Santa's reindeer!! You can purchase special cookies to feed them, or you're welcome to just pet them!
 I can honestly say, I have never seen such beautiful reindeer. You can tell they are well-cared for. They were very friendly...maybe because we were feeding them...but we all fell in love!
We spent some extra time waiting out the rain in the Reindeer Rendezvous. It was the perfect spot to do so. We spent time with the reindeer, and the boys played some Reindeer Games!
After the rained stopped, we headed for a quick lunch at the Burger Meister Food Court, where we were surprised with some magic from Jack Frost...along with the help of Lincoln; and then we were off to more rides!
We actually ended up meeting up with my aunt and uncle while we were there. They happened to be in the area, and wanted to have a fun day with the kids. This was so awesome, especially since I'm unable to go on any rides right now. Lincoln and Avery certainly enjoyed the extra attention...and riding partners!!
And what would a trip to Santa's Village be without a visit from Santa?! Lincoln was super excited to see him...while Avery stayed back. HA! He's still not ready. That's okay!
 I asked Lincoln what his absolute favorite part was about Santa's Village, He quickly answered, saying Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster, a small roller coaster with lots of zip; and the Yule Log Flume; a log boat ride that gives you a big SPLASH!! I actually was able to capture a fun slow-mo video of the kids on the flume with their Daddy and Grammy. It's fun to see their little faces!!
How fun!! I loved all the fun photo locations...we were able to capture some nice memories from our visit.
We had a pretty perfect day at Santa's Village. I definitely would love to take Lincoln and Avery there again. They're at such great ages and get so excited over the whole Christmas theme! They do offer a water park, HoHoH2O, however, it was rainy when we made our way to that area at the end of the day. It did look super fun though. It would be the perfect way to end your visit to cool off!

If you're planning to visit the White Mountain area in New Hampshire, and you're looking for a family friendly theme park, be sure to visit Santa's Village! It will be a joyful experience for your entire family!!
Santa's Village -- "Pure Joy. Family Style."

Disclosure: I received complimentary admission to Santa's Village as part of their #SantasSquad. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Did you know there is a trick to cutting the elf hunt in half? If you put the card in upside-down it'll stamp the mirrored letter. Not that it stops the kids from wanting to see them all, but if you're missing that one last letter it's handy in a pinch.


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