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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Creepy YouTube Videos That My Toddler Loves

My sweet little Avery bug has started to thoroughly enjoy the iPad -- Kids these days! I hate to admit it, but we'll probably be purchasing him his own in the near future. Well, I'll get a new one, and he can have my old one. Lincoln already has his own. Yeah. So much different from when I was 6 years old...and TWO years old, for that matter! So yeah, we're clearly not on the anti-electronic parenting train. Of course there are limits, and parental controls, but we live in a technology driven world. I almost feel like I'd be holding them back if they didn't have a little iPad time. But, what do I know?!

So anyways, Avery can completely navigate the iPad. 100% on his own. He really only uses it to take selfies of himself, and watch videos on YouTube Kids. His favorite videos are of nursery rhymes. This may sound super adorable, and while it is, the other day I heard him listening to a new one...he was quite enthralled with it. And well...see for yourself...

Okay. So what I don't understand is why these are all trains...when they say, "Daddy Finger, Mommy Finger, etc." Why aren't they just "Daddy TRAIN or Mommy TRAIN?"

So then Avery starts finding MORE of these songs, just different variations. I've heard colors, ice cream, animals. I seriously think there's a "Finger Family" song for just about everything. Avery definitely prefers the one above the most, but he's a bit obsessed. He sings it all day long in the sweetest, tiniest voice ever, and it is super cute...if he's singing it. The YouTube videos? Yeah. They creep me out a bit.

Annnnd as I'm typing this, he just found a new one, featuring different dog breeds. I kid you not...

PLEASE tell me I'm not alone in the "Finger Family" creepy obsession? There has to be other children who find these videos fascinating. Avery is OBSESSED!!


  1. You are soon not alone! my 3 yo listens to the FROZEN themed version of this song over and over. Frozen (which she can't get enough of), plus this song, I literally hide the iPad so I can get some relief

  2. I see what you mean the "finger" part is very strange.

  3. That is kind of creepy actually, LOL. Just be careful. There was one (or maybe a few, I'm not sure) of those videos that had some extra finger puppets some how added in & showed Mickey, Minnie, & family shooting each other. I watched it & was very disturbed that it was on the kids YouTube.

    As far as I know, the video has been removed.


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