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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Back-To-School Tips For Parents

Where has this summer gone? I feel like we were just celebrating Lincoln's last day of Kindergarten, and here we are...soon he will be headed back-to-school, and starting FIRST GRADE! HOW did that even HAPPEN?! It really is mind-boggling to me. I know a lot of parents who look forward to back-to-school, and believe me, sometimes I'm one of them...but for the most part, I will honestly miss having him with me all day. He's my little sidekick, and such a fun kid!

I think we can all agree that summer allows us to slack a bit as far as routines go. Our regular school schedule seriously goes out the window the second school's out. I'm all for (attempting) to sleep in, and letting kids be kids during the summertime. Easing not only your kids, but yourself into your "regular" school schedule can take some getting used to. Here are some tips to help you both!
Back-To-School Tips For Parents
Start your routine the week before school starts.
Gone are the lazy days of summer, and the start of the hustle and bustle of the school year. Have your children go to bed at whatever their school night bedtime will be. Wake them up in the morning, just like they're going to school. Throughout the day you can engage in a few educational activities. Take a break outside to burn off some energy. We all know children thrive on routines. Preparing them before school starts will help them adjust quicker when they actually go back to school.

Get yourself a planner.
I love, love, LOVE my planner. I'm a paper planner girl, but for the past year I also use an app on my phone. You can never be too organized! My planner is my lifeline. Seriously. My husband is even addicted to it. Our lives are busy enough as it is...once the school year rolls around, add even more craziness!
back-to-school tips
Make back-to-school shopping fun!
Are your kids missing summer vacation before it's even over? Get them excited to go back-to-school, and include them in the shopping! I remember being a little kid and getting SO excited about a special day of shopping with my mom. We've been doing this with Lincoln since he was in preschool, and he just loves it. He's apart of everything -- from clothing to school supplies to his favorite snacks!

Use Melatonin.
Sometimes we all need just a little extra help in the sleep department. I prefer drug-free, non-habit forming alternatives to get a good nights sleep. 
back-to-school tips
Natrol Melatonin Fast Dissolve is the perfect drug-free sleep aid that you can take anywhere, no water is needed!
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These tips will help your family adjust to your new back-to-school routine. Right now Natrol is offering a $2 coupon so you can try these fantastic products for yourself! 
back-to-school tips

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