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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer Fun at Lake Compounce {& Promo Code}

Our family was recently invited to spent a fun-filled day at Lake Compounce, America's longest running amusement park, located in Bristol, Connecticut. Lake Compounce is home to the largest water park in Connecticut, the number one wooden roller coaster in the world, and the first triple launch roller coaster in New England: Phobia!
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The day we visited Lake Compounce, we really couldn't have asked for more  perfect weather. We brought my mom and cousin along with us, and we all had a great time. Entering the park, we let Lincoln and Avery take the lead. Of course they led us straight to kiddie land!!
Lincoln was especially excited to be visiting Lake Compounce. He's been before, but it's been two whole years since our last visit! That's a long time for a little boy!
The first ride the boys went on was the Caterpillar Train. It was really the perfect ride to introduce to Avery. He was able to ride right alongside his big brother, and it got him even more excited about each of the other rides throughout the day.
Next we headed to Little Dare Devils, where my boys hopped aboard motorcycles and drove around town!
Lincoln even managed to fly an elephant!
I think one of Avery's favorite rides was Drum Circus. For starters, he got to ride with his big brother. Also, Lincoln was able to control the drum to spin throughout the ride.

There was SO much laughter going on during this ride!! Avery absolutely loved every second, which made Lincoln try even harder to spin!!
Lincoln's favorite ride in kiddie land was Drop Zone. I wish you could hear this boy scream!!
Lincoln and my cousin enjoyed the American Flyers together.
And I need to tell you how proud I was of my extremely brave boy. My cousin wanted to ride Rev-O-Lution; a spinning thrill ride that makes you feel like you're floating on air. She asked Lincoln to ride with her, and he did....
You guys, he was so so SO SCARED. I wanted to run onto the ride and take him off, but he was determined to try it out. 
When he got off he said the ride was "so-so," and he thought he was going to have a heart attack. While I don't think he'll be riding again anytime soon, I am very proud of him for trying something new!

We decided to head to the Bumper Cars next...those were much more his speed!
Another one of Avery's favorites were the kiddie swings. His little mouth was open in amazement the entire time!
Lincoln enjoyed the Saw Mill Plunge so much that he rode it twice!
We were even able to catch it on video!! 
How fun!!

Phobia is Lake Compounce's newest roller coaster. Phobia is New England's first ever triple launch coaster with speeds up to 65 miles per hour and a roll 150 feet in the air!
While we didn't ride Phobia, some friends of ours have recently. I was told it's an extremely smooth coaster and they really enjoyed it.
We went on a Dino Expedition, where we had the opportunity to walk among lifelike dinosaurs and learn about their history.
We were even able to witness the cutest little dinosaur hatch! What type do you think this one is?!
Lincoln rode Thunder Rapids Raft Ride FIVE TIMES!!! There was literally no line at all, so he just kept hopping back in line!!
He got SOAKED!!! As did my husband, mom, and cousin!! They could wring out their clothing afterwards...but they had SO much fun!!
Avery even went on his first roller coaster...the Kiddie Coaster!! Lincoln rode it as well...front seat, of course; while Avery rode with my cousin. He loved every second!
Lincoln loves playing games at amusement parks, and it just so happened they had a game where you could win a Pokemon character. He asked his daddy to try to win him Charmander...and he got very lucky and did!!
We had one very happy little boy!! We had such a wonderful day spent at Lake Compounce. It was a great day filled with family fun! 
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Hope to see you there !!

Disclosure: My family was provided with complimentary tickets to Lake Compounce. All opinions are my own.

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