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Friday, June 24, 2016

Five on Friday

Well well, Friday again. Can I just scream through the rooftops that I've managed to get a blog post published EVERYDAY this week?! :::high fives all around:::

So with that, let's just jump straight in to another edition of "Five on Friday!" 
(o n e).  Last weekend we braved the drive-in movie theater to see Finding Dory. It was Avery's first time, and while he didn't do too bad, I'm not sure if we'll be brave enough to try it again anytime soon. HA! He was just so excited to be out of his car seat and free to move around in the car during the movie, that he was such a wiggle worm!! We did however have a wonderful time, and the movie was absolutely fantastic -- maybe  even better than Finding Nemo. Go see it!!
(t w o). I had two pretty cute brothers at the park the other day :)
I just love when they play nicely together. It's sometimes hard with their 4 year age difference, but  Lego's are something they both love!
(t h r e e). Avery says "woohoo" for the windows in the car being down! This boy was loving the wind in his hair!!
(f o u r). Wherever the boys are, Belle is always close by...especially with Avery. Speaking of Avery and Belle, did you catch this ridiculously adorable post I published this week?
(f i v e). We went on a little family outing yesterday. It was SO nice to get out of the house with the boys and go somewhere other than therapy or the doctors. We had a fun-filled day at Lake Compounce! I will be blogging all about it next week!

Well, that's all for today. Jared's brother, niece, and nephew are flying in today from Tennessee to spend 10 days with us! We cannot wait!! It's been one year since we've seen them last. Lincoln is beyond excited to spend some time with his big cousins. Happy weekend, everyone!!

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