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Friday, June 17, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Happy Summer!! Lincoln's officially been out of school for one week already (don't worry, there will be a last day of Kindergarten post coming). Anyways, we're super excited to kick off summer! We're hoping to do a few fun things with the kids. Today I'm going to run-through a quick edition of "Five on Friday." Let's go!!

(one). A few days before Lincoln's last day of school, we were invited to visit for their art show. Let me tell you how impressed I was...the art completed by Kindergartners this year was incredible!! 
Of course I had to snap this photo of Lincoln giving his little brother a tour around his school :)
(two). Last weekend we had a family wedding to attend. It was nice to get dressed up and go out with my husband to some place other than a doctors appointment or physical therapy. We had a wonderful time.
(three). While we were at the wedding, the boys were having a blast with their cousins in Rhode Island! They even visited the zoo!! Lincoln said his favorite were the wolves, while I was told Avery was fascinated by the elephants. 
(four). I snapped two sleeping photos of my boys this week. Although Lincoln is 6 1/2 now, I can still see a glimpse of that baby he once was.
Oh and my sweet baby Avery. He still has that baby face. He is so snuggly!
(five). This photo of our sweet Evy pup popped up in my Timehop today. Still can't believe she's gone. What a beautiful dog. Miss you, sweet girl.
Well, that's it for today!! Who's seeing Finding Dory this weekend?! You guys, I AM SO EXCITED!!! Happy weekend!!

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