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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Everyday Adventures with Oliver the Cat

I remember like it was yesterday. I was 5 years old, and the thing I wanted more than anything in the world, was a cat.  However, we lived in a small apartment and my parents kept brushing off the idea. I didn't give up. I seriously think I asked for a cat each and every day. I was relentless. Even then, at 5 years old.

Then it happened. My dad was leaving work one afternoon. He worked in the city of Providence, Rhode Island. Right by his car was a kitten. She was probably 6 months old or so, and it was clear that she didn't have a home. He decided to bring her home for me.

I was completely smitten. I remember being so overwhelmed with joy. I loved that cat from the moment I saw her. I named her "Fluffy Tuffy," and we were the very best of friends. I had big dreams of performing in the circus with her. She had a litter of kittens; in fact, her water broke on me! I named all 6  kittens names after the Care Bears. Fluffy Tuffy had one heck of an adventurous life!

One month after Jared and I got married, we got Oliver. A rambunctious black cat, and the very last to go in his litter. He was an itty bitty thing, but he had lots of spunk from the very beginning.

I can honestly say that every day we've had Oliver has been an adventure. He is truly unlike any cat I have ever had. Sometimes I think he thinks he's a person!

He likes to help out with the laundry...
 Hide out in the window blinds...
And occasionally go for a ride in the stroller.

Just like people, cats have specific nutritional needs. In fact, I have to be very careful with the food I feed Oliver. Six years ago he had a very bad bladder infection, which earned him a weekend getaway at our vet. If your cat is ever camped out by their litter box, it probably means something is wrong. He made a full recovery, but we still have to be careful so it doesn't happen again.

I recently took the Purina Pro Plan myPLAN quiz to see which food would be best for Oliver. It was super simple.
Oliver's results showed he should be eating Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula. I LOVE that his results addressed his urinary issues, and provided the perfect food.  I was also able to print a $5 coupon for his recommended food. 
Purina Pro Plan offers formulas that are all high in protein, featuring real meat, poultry, or fish. Their nutrition is backed by over 400 scientists, including nutritionists, behaviorists, and veterinarians. 

Did you know June 15th is National "Take Your Cat on an Adventure Day?" How will you and your cat celebrate?! I think Oliver has his own plans...


Don't forget to take Purina Pro Plan's myPLAN quiz to find  the purrfect food for your cat -- and print your $5 coupon!!

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