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Friday, May 13, 2016

Five on Friday

Oh hey! Remember me?! I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Last Thursday I ended up having surgery. Again. That seems to be a trend for me lately, so this is me...waving my white flag! Enough!! 

I earned myself another two night hospital stay. I'm home now, thankfully. Hopefully on the road to recovery for good. 

Anyways. I figured a "Five on Friday" post would be fun. So with that, let's go!!

(one). Baseball season is here! Well, t-ball season for Lincoln. I'm hoping to be able to get to the field in a couple of weeks to see one of his games.
(two). Mother's Day was this past weekend. I was only 3 days post surgery, so I was a bit exhausted. Clearly. I did manage to sneak in a two hour nap with my Avery bug.
 Also, my boys spoiled me with this beautiful bracelet. Lincoln also gave me some handmade gifts from school...which are always my favorite.
(three). Ohhh, Belle. Here is our sweet puppy. You know, just hanging out on top of the patio table...
(four). I cannot begin to tell you how much Avery LOVES Lincoln. In fact, he doesn't even call him Lincoln. He calls him "Big Bro," and it's pretty much the cutest thing EVER!! Whatever Lincoln does is obviously awesome, and Avery wants to do exactly the same thing.

 (five). My parents surprised the boys with a sandbox. They love does Belle...which means when it's not in use, it has a table on top of its cover, otherwise she throws a very sandy party.

Annnnd that's all I've got. Hope you all have a fun-filled weekend!!

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