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Friday, March 18, 2016

Five on Friday

I cannot believe the weekend is here again! We have a pretty busy weekend, as usual. Tonight we have some friends coming over for Jared's yummy homemade pizza. I'm serious you guys. His pizza is my favorite ever! Saturday we are going to an Easter Egg Hunt...both boys should love that. And Sunday, Lincoln has his pizza party and rewards ceremony for basketball. Busy busy!!

And now here we are with another edition of "Five on Friday!" Let's go!!

(o n e). 
Since being invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference, I have been tackling my blog to-do list. A few days ago, I finally updated my "About Me" and "Our Family" sections. It was long overdue...especially considering my baby Avery wasn't even mentioned! It's all fixed now, thank goodness!!

(t w o). 
Our sweet puppy, Belle sure is adjusting to our family quite well. She loves to give us puppy kisses! She is seriously growing like a weed, though. Crazy fast!!
(t h r e e).
I was at Kohls the other day, and spotted this gorgeous Snow White canvas. Snow White is my favorite Disney princess EVER!! It was only $24.99 AND 40% off on top of that. You know I had to buy it. I'm thinking of redoing my master bathroom, and putting it in there.

 (f o u r).
Speaking of Belle, we recently started attending Puppy Kindergarten with her. We take Lincoln along with us. He has been loving training his puppy. She's super smart!!
 (f i v e). 
I've recently discovered LuLaRoe, and you guys I think I have a pretty bad addiction forming. Well, my husband definitely thinks so, anyway...especially when I have been getting packages daily. Oops. Here are a few of my favorite current pieces. Have you tried LuLaRoe??
Oh, I like Dunkin' iced coffee, too ;)

Well, that's it! Wishing you all a fun-filled weekend with those you love most!!

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