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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Sunday is in just a few days. I'm still finishing up the boys Easter baskets. Just a few more small things, and we'll be good. I really don't like to go too candy crazy in their baskets. I hate how so many holidays are associated with giving kids an over-abundance of sugary treats! Sure there will be a chocolate bunny, but I try to find other fun things they'll enjoy. If you're looking for some non-candy ideas for your little ones, here are a few options.

Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas
Last year, we got Avery the most adorable personalized bunny. It's so soft, and perfect for snuggling. I'm also a huge fan of books -- you can never have too many!  Right now Lincoln LOVES the Pete the Cat books. 

I like to include fun things to do outside -- sidewalk chalk and bubbles are a couple of favorites that all kids enjoy. 

My mom always put a bathing suit in my Easter basket, and I love that idea. It's the perfect occasion for your child to get their new summer swim suit!

Other favorites are play-doh, small cars, bouncy balls, and safari animals. Some of these items are even small enough, you can put them inside your plastic eggs!

What are your favorite Easter basket stuffers? Do you try to keep candy to a minimum?


  1. We put almost no candy in our son's Easter basket this year. He's obsessed with Pokemon, so we put in a stuffed Pokemon character and some cards. He was way happier with that than a giant mound of candy!

  2. I put a couple small pieces of candy in my grandsons Easter basket but I give them new toothbrushes, books, sidewalk chalk, kites, etc. in theirs. I don't think they need all that candy.


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