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Friday, February 19, 2016

Five on Friday

Who's ready for a SUPER quick edition of Five on Friday? We just got back from Disney on Wednesday, and I've been so busy recovering from my vacation. HA! Between unpacking, getting the kids back into their routine, and everything else...I'm pretty exhausted! BUT, I promise, lots of recaps to come!  

So, five things. Let's go!

(one). Jared and I both agreed that our favorite part of vacation was just being in the moment. No doctor appointments. No therapy. It was like we were in some special magical place with our family. It was very much needed.

(two). Both of my boys are fantastically amazing little travelers. Seriously. They could not have been more perfect. Lincoln has always been a rock star, but I was a little bit unsure how Avery would be. It's been over a year since we have traveled. However, it looks like I have two little boys who love to travel!

(three). Our sweet Belle had a blast on her own little vacation with my brother! He watched her for us, along with my parents dog. He also has a dog of his own, so he had his hands quite full! She had so much fun!!

(four). Isn't it funny when you come home from vacation, you feel like you need another vacation from your vacation? Wouldn't that be just lovely?

(five). And finally, here's a photo from our trip. I promise to share many more next week!

Happy weekend, everyone!!

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