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Friday, February 5, 2016

Five on Friday

Another week, another Friday. The time just never seems to slow down. Another busy week, getting ready for our Disney vacation next week. We're just a wee bit excited. We're staying at Bay Lake Towers, and I think Lincoln is the most excited of all to just be able to hop on a monorail and go.

So with that, I bring to you another "Five on Friday." Here we go!

(one). Avery had his first play-doh experience the other day. He wasn't too sure about the stickiness of it at first, but he eventually had quite the blast. Of course Lincoln is a play-doh pro, so he showed his baby bro how it's done.

(two). An unseasonably warm winter makes for fun playground visits while big brother has basketball practice.

(three). An impromptu visit to the Disney Store to pick up some fun tee-shirts for the boys, and get even more excited for our big trip! 

(four). My new planner arrived this week!!! It's a Plum Paper Planner, and isn't it just gorgeous?! I'm ready to PLAN ALL THE THINGS!!! Except now I'm a bit overwhelmed with fun stickers, washi tape, and pens -- OH MY!!

(five). I just can't with this little ol' belly!! Avery says, "Blast off!!!"

Hope you all have a fantastically fun weekend!!


  1. That's a very pretty planner. Have fun on your trip!


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