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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Disney, get ready...we're coming for you!!!

Bright and early this morning, my family is hopping on an airplane to spend a fun-filled week at the happiest place on earth...DISNEY WORLD!!! This trip has been so very much anticipated. We were supposed to go last March, but we obviously had to cancel that trip due to the accident. This vacation is so much more than a trip to Disney. It is a celebration of surviving this past year. Our family has been through so, so much. We have so many reasons to celebrate. 

I promise full and lengthy recaps from our vacation when we return. If you'd like to follow along while we're there, I'm sure I will be occasionally posting over on instagram.

I am so excited, and really just looking forward to being with my little family making many memories. 

photo from our September 2014 Disney vacation

I hope you're ready for us, Disney. I have two very happy little boys who cannot wait to experience the magic!

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