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Monday, January 4, 2016

Meet our New Addition...Belle!

If you follow me on instagram (and if you don't, you totally should), then you probably know that our family got a new puppy. She's a sweet German Shepherd, and we named her Belle. Lincoln has been asking for a puppy, since we lost our sweet Evy pup in September. She had an extremely rare and aggressive form of lymphoma. Losing her was very hard for our entire family, especially since she was only 4 years old.

My mom happened to know of a litter of shepherds that would available around Christmastime. So of course my mom did what any good Grammy would do...she asked me if she could surprise my boys with a puppy! Jared and I talked it over, and while our lives are still insanely busy, we decided why the heck not?!  I have always had dogs growing up, and I want my kids to grow up with dogs. So 3 weeks ago, we picked up our sweet pup!

Lincoln was thrilled. I mean, he was shocked. He didn't realize that this puppy was really for him!! I cannot wait to watch the bond develop between them.

She's a super sweet pup. We met her parents, and they had the greatest temperaments. I'm enjoying her little puppy cuddles now because she's growing so quickly!

I really cannot get over the bond she is forming with Avery. I think I'm going to do an entirely separate post of all the adorable photos of them together. In fact, I started hashtagging my instagram photos of them with #AveryandBelle. I cannot stand the cuteness!

Welcome to our little family, sweet Belle. Prepare for lots of love and cuddles!

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