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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Last Week in Review

Thankfully, last week was much better (health wise) than the week before. Avery still has a bit of a cough, and a runny nose. However, Lincoln somehow miraculously managed to not get sick. YAY!! I hate when my babies are not feeling well. 

So anyways, Avery was back to his silly self. This boy is so stinkin' cuuuute and funny, I tell ya! My brother got him a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse drum set for Christmas (aren't uncles great?!), and he found a more creative way to play with his drums.

Hey, at least it was much quieter...AND creative!! Win win!!

I know I have mentioned it before, but my Lincoln? Seriously, the sweetest boy ever. This kid has the biggest, kindest heart, I have ever known. He's 6 years old now, and I wonder how long he'll like to cuddle his mommy. Right now I'll take his snuggles every chance I can get. 
We had our first snowfall last week. Although it didn't accumulate to much, Lincoln was SO excited and insisted he play outside. Our little Belle loved her first snow, as well. 
We got a very special package in the mail, that we were all very excited about...

MAGIC BANDS!!! We are officially counting down to our Disney vacation next month. We are so incredibly excited to go and celebrate surviving this past year. We are Disney Vacation Club Members, so we're staying at Bay Lake Towers this time. The resort is right on the monorail and will be super convenient. 

My mom spent a few days at our house last week, and on Friday after my therapy, we picked Lincoln up from school and headed to Rhode Island for the weekend! Jared was working the entire weekend, and Lincoln had a 3 day weekend for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We decided to go spend some time at my parents house. 

On Sunday I got to spend some time with someone very special to me. The last time I saw Ashley, she was a little girl, around 8 years old or so. We recently reconnected on Facebook and she came to my parents house over the weekend. It was so great to see her and introduce her to my boys. She's all grown up now, and I'm so proud of the woman she's become.
Monday morning my dad drove us back home to Connecticut. Belle did great in the car, with the exception of puking when we were about 15 minutes from home. Boo.
Also? She's growing like a weed, in case you didn't notice.

Of course Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and I am so impressed with what Lincoln learned about him, and the significance of the day in school. He told me things about him that I had even forgot. He genuinely understood what an incredible man MLK Jr. was, and why what he accomplished was so important. He made me very, very proud.

So another busy week! This week will be as well. More therapy, swim lessons and basketball practice for Lincoln, and an appointment with my neurosurgeon for me. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!
Isn't he such a sweet little sleeper :)

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