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Monday, January 11, 2016

Last Week in Review

Oh my gosh you guys, what an insane week we had! First of all, Sunday morning Avery woke up with a fever. I also noticed his never ending cough seemed to be sounding worse. Around 9:30 PM, I was trying to get him to bed, but I saw that his breathing was very rapid. It was way too fast, probably around 100 breaths per minute. Of course I did what you should never do, and consulted Dr. Google. We decided it would be best to head to the ER. 

When we arrived, we were brought right back -- I guess that's what happens when you tell them you're there for breathing issues. Avery was hooked right up to a heart and respiratory monitor...which he hated. My poor baby was so miserable. It was so sad.

Kids these days with technology. We tried to distract him with Mickey Mouse on the iPad. Avery checked out okay, with the exception of some wheezing. They gave him a breathing treatment with an inhaler, rather than the nebulizer. He responded very well, and we were sent home with our very own inhaler. 

The next day we just relaxed at home. I cancelled my water therapy because there was no way I was leaving my baby. We did lots of cuddling and coloring. Avery LOVES to color. We got him some Color Wonder markers for Christmas (yay for mess free!), and let him go to town.

Come Tuesday, Avery was doing much better. We had plans to go to the LEGO stores mini-build that evening, and Lincoln was really looking forward to it. Avery took an early nap with Jared, while I caught up on The Bachelor (I know, I know), and hung out with Belle.

Crazy pup was yelling at me  to help her up onto the couch. Guess who won? ;)

After Avery's nap, it was time to pick Lincoln up from school and head to the LEGO store. While Avery is too little to participate in the builds, he has his own fun playing with the Duplo blocks in the store.

Once Lincoln finished up, I had a special surprise for him. I knew that Build-A-Bear recently released a Pikachu! I knew my Pokemon loving boy would be ecstatic.  

We finished up at Build-A-Bear, and headed to Red Robin for dinner -- yum! After we finished our dinner, we decided to order these amazing croissant donuts for dessert. They come with chocolate and a raspberry dipping sauce. So so delish!! 

Everything was great until we were leaving. Jared went to grab Avery, and he puked all over himself. Lincoln started freaking out screaming, "HE'S PUKING!! HE'S PUKING!!" I don't know how we did it, but Jared and I managed to clean up Avery and sneak out of the restaurant, without anyone knowing what happened.

As soon as we got home I realized the puking incident wasn't a one time deal. Avery got sick again the second we walked into the house. My poor little baby now had a stomach bug. 

I was up all night with Avery. The next day him and I relaxed on the couch, sleeping on and off all day long.

Of course by now I have a cold myself. That's what caring for a sick baby and getting no sleep will do to you! However, moms don't get sick days, so I made do the very best I could.

Come Thursday night, Avery was finally feeling like himself again. He was feeling so much better, he decided to stay up all the way to midnight!

At least he was finally happy. Of course my cold is taking longer to disappear than I'd like...but, at least both of my babies are healthy again.

Did I tell you Belle hates her crate and sleeps with us at night? It's okay really. She's a super snuggle bug, and really good -- except when she decides to jump out of bed at 1 AM and poop on the floor. But, at least she was smart enough to jump out of bed. I'm looking at the positive side here. 

Our week was exhausting. Yes. Exhausting. That's the perfect word. I think even our sweet Belle agrees...

This week it's back to our regular schedule. Therapy three times, swim lessons, and whatever else life throws our way!

Here's to a much healthier week!!

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