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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#SpreadCheer with Easy Holiday Treats -- and a #Giveaway!

Can I just tell you all how much I enjoyed Lincoln's Thanksgiving break from school? Since he started full-day Kindergarten, our lives have been crazier than ever -- which I didn't think was possible! It was really nice to just sit back, relax, and have some family time. Thanksgiving weekend is really the perfect time to get ready for the holiday season

Our family was recently asked to participate in the #SpreadCheer campaign with Betty Crocker, and we were all so excited to get started!!

#SpreadCheer with Easy Holiday Treats #ad

For me, the holidays are all about traditions, old and new! I love sharing traditions from when I was a child with my kids, and making new ones as well! Baking cookies is one of those memorable traditions. 

While making cookies from scratch is nice, sometimes it's not so feasible with little kids. I love how Betty Crocker makes it super simple with their cookie mixes. We headed to Target and picked up our favorite...sugar cookies!!!

#SpreadCheer with Easy Holiday Treats

Once we got home, we got right to it. Lincoln seriously could not wait, he was so excited!! 

Betty Crocker must have had little kids in mind when creating their cookie mixes. Only 3 ingredients are needed!

While the cookies were in the oven, and then cooling off before we frosted them, I printed out these adorable cookie coloring pages. You can get yours here. Avery was really excited about coloring!! And Lincoln really went all out. He even ended up cutting out his cookie shapes so we can hang them on our tree!

Soon it was time to frost our cookies!! I use the simplest recipe ever for the yummiest icing I have ever tasted. It's just confectionery sugar mixed with enough water to get your desired consistency. You NEED to make this icing. It is scrumptious!!

Then we went to town frosting our cookies --- Mmmmmm!!!

Before we packaged them up, I had two little eager taste-testers who had to have a cookie (or two!).

We decided to #SpreadCheer to our neighbor. Lincoln chose the perfect gift box, and we printed our gift tags here

#SpreadCheer with Easy Holiday Treats

We dropped our box of cookies off on her doorstep. I'm sure she was excited when she came home from work!!

#SpreadCheer with Easy Holiday Treats

#SpreadCheer with Easy Holiday Treats

I love that we were able to #SpreadCheer and do a random act of kindness for our neighbor. And I love what it taught my kids.

I'm nominating all of you to #SpreadCheer this holiday season!! Print this coupon to get started!! Want to win $20 in Paypal cash? Of course you do!! 

Giveaway Instructions:
-To enter visit the Betty Crocker #SpreadCheer page. 

-Create a #SpreadCheer basket and post an original photo of it on your social channels with the hashtag #SpreadCheer (nominate your friends by tagging).
-Come back here to confirm your entry by commenting on this blog telling me who you chose to #SpreadCheer to AND then link back to your social post.
-Please leave your email address in post so I can contact you if you win!



  1. I would do this for our neighbors who just had a baby!

  2. I would #SpreadCheer to my neighbors.

  3. I would like to spread some cheer to my coworkers!

  4. I am spreading cheer to my Husband, he has been having a rough few health months and needs some joy. This is the post https://twitter.com/mummytotwoboys1/status/671357054515339264
    I would love to try the recipe for Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies. I would #SpreadCheer by making homemade treats for my family and friends.

  5. I would spread cheer to my mom

  6. I #spreadcheer to a local nursing home. That is one of favorite things to do each holiday season. https://www.instagram.com/p/-rdnKbAJrm/?taken-by=laborders2000 laborders2000@yahoo.com

  7. I #spreadcheer to a local nursing home. That is one of favorite things to do each holiday season. https://www.instagram.com/p/-rdnKbAJrm/?taken-by=laborders2000 laborders2000@yahoo.com

  8. We #SpreadCheer to friends and neighbors. Link to share:

    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  9. I surprised 3 of my neighbors with cookies.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net


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