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Monday, December 21, 2015

Polar Express 2015

Last weekend, we took our annual trip on the Polar Express. We visited the same one as last year, because the kids had such a fantastic time -- and they really put on a great time!! We went with 12 people total...we had quite the crew!! The kids have been talking about our Polar Express visit all year. The anticipation was pretty intense!! My mom bought them all special pajamas months ago for this special night. They were all so very excited!!

Once you're inside the train station, it's like you walked into a page out of the book! There are various backdrops, and you can have your photo taken with the conductor, or even a chef! Here's a great group photo of us all. I told you we had a lot of people!! 

It was finally time to board the train. Can you tell we were just a little bit excited?!

Getting our special golden ticket is part of the magic. Lincoln and Avery both loved holding onto their tickets awaiting the conductor to punch them.

Before long we were served delicious sugar cookies and hot chocolate.

Can I just tell you how unbelievably excited my sweet Avery was? He was hysterical! He was clapping and laughing, saying "choo choo" again and again. He's just was too adorable!

Lincoln was super excited to see Santa. Avery...not so much! My boys could not be more opposite. Santa was fantastic.

The kids favorite part by far is when they can dance in the aisles. They loved to get their boogie on!!

Avery was all over the place. He mostly sat with Lincoln and me during the ride, but then he'd run back a seat to Jared, and when Santa came out he ran to my dad. He had so much fun!

What a wonderful time we had this year on the Polar Express! And yes, before you ask, the kids are ALREADY talking about our trip next year!  There is nothing like seeing your children happy. I love this special time while they're young and everything is so magical!

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