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Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas has come and gone yet again. There is always such a build-up for the day, and then it always seems to go by in the blink of an eye! This Christmas was so very special to me and my family. Somehow a tragedy seems to make you appreciate all those little moments even more. I am just so incredibly thankful that I was able to celebrate Christmas with my sweet babies. 

Our festivities started on Christmas Eve. We always celebrate with Jared's family at a nearby firehouse. He has a huge family, and it's a great time. The cousins really enjoy running around and playing together. It took Avery a bit to warm up to the crowd...but by the end of the night, he was dancing on the stage!! 

After our Christmas Eve celebration, we headed back to our house to exchange presents with my parents. We changed into our pajamas (matching elf jammies for me and the boys), and watched the kids unwrap their gifts.

Also, see that sweet German Shepherd pup? That's our sweet Lady Belle. My parents surprised Lincoln and Avery with her two weeks ago. I promise a whole blog post (with adorable puppy photos) very soon. 

Avery's favorite gift of the night was his Paw Patrol luggage set. He was SO excited. He kept running up and down our hallway with it...happily screaming the entire time.

Jared had to work the overnight shift, which meant I had to keep two eager little boys in my bedroom until he arrived home in the morning. Luckily he managed to get home by 7:35 AM. Lincoln was SO excited to see what Santa had brought for him!!

He has been asking for a Wii U and LEGO Dimensions. Luckily, Santa got the memo ;) 
Our sweet Avery was very happy with his Mickey ride-on toy.

Next the kids opened their stockings, and then their presents from us. Jared and I don't usually exchange, but he surprised me with a few things  -- a new duffle bag, because my old one smells like chlorine from water therapy, a travel neck pillow, and a neck massager. Everything was so perfect! I have a lot of neck pain and stiffness, so I'm very happy to try these out. 

Our day was spent with our our jammies all day long!! It was perfectly perfect. 

I was even able to catch a few random sweet moments between my boys. 

Our day really couldn't have been better. Having children on Christmas really is one of the greatest things ever. Seeing their little faces light up and be filled with magic, is truly incredible. 

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

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