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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Transitioning Avery to a Big Boy Bed!

No matter how much I try to deny it, my sweet Avery bug is growing before my eyes. I will fully admit that I do my best to keep every last of his babyness for as long as I can. He is my last baby, so yes, he is a bit spoiled, and I do treasure each one of his baby cuddles. He still gets a bottle before naps and bedtime, and honestly, I'm in no rush to fight him on it. Unfortunately, there are some things I just cannot control -- and my littlest getting bigger is one of them.

We recently made the decision to transition Avery from his crib to a toddler bed. Because I'm still recovering from our accident last January, I am unable to lift Avery in and out of his crib. The more I thought about it, I realized that by the time I am able to lift him in and out, he probably won't be in a crib any longer. I figured it made more sense to start the transition a bit earlier than I had originally planned. 

First thing we had to do was decide on the perfect toddler bed for Avery. He absolutely adores Paw Patrol, or "puppies," as he calls it. It was all too perfect when Delta Children offered to send Avery his very own Paw Patrol 3D Toddler Bed!

As you can tell, he was super excited about his new bed. He didn't really understand what it was at first, but he sure was excited to see those puppies!!

It only took my husband around 20 minutes to assemble the bed...and that was with two little eager kids "helping" him. 

Here is some general info about the Paw Patrol 3D Toddler Bed:

  • Recommended for children ages 15 months+
  • Holds up to 50 pounds
  • Features your child's favorite Paw Patrol characters
  • Low bed height for easy access
  • Two attached guardrails
  • Uses a standard crib mattress (not included)
  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy steel and plastic frame
  • Meets or exceeds all safety standards 
We weren't exactly sure how Avery would react when he saw his new bed. We disassembled his crib, and moved his little bed right in. Then, we brought Avery into the room...

Can you find Avery? He sort of blends in with his Paw Patrol jammies!! Needless to say, he was so so happy about his new bed. He knew exactly what it was, and laid right down -- after he did the most adorable celebratory dance. 

We picked up a matching bedding set to coordinate with his new bed. Although the pillow is there, he still doesn't get it when it's bedtime. 

So, how is Avery adjusting to his new setup? Actually, better than I had anticipated! He is still waking up in the middle of the night, however, he usually will just sit up in his bed and call for me. I still have the video monitor hooked up, so I can peek on him at any time.

I am very glad we decided to make this transition sooner. Now I'm thinking I need to redo Avery's room. I'm thinking a Paw Patrol theme would be super adorable!! I already picked him up a Chase bank for Christmas. I'll have to work on some more ideas after the holidays. 

Disclosure: I was sent this adorable toddler bed complimentary in exchange for this review. All opinions are mine.


  1. I haven't got any children at the moment but I can imagine it can be hard at times transitioning them, glad Avery is adjusting well.

  2. So cute. I remember the transition to a big bed. It was so easy with my son and so very difficult with my daughter.

  3. Oh my goodness, Avery is adorable in these pictures! We had a much easier transition using toddler beds for our kids too, rather than going straight to big beds. They feel much safer in a bed just their size :-)

  4. I have a Granddaughter getting ready for a Big Girl Bed. She keeps saying she wants a bed like her brother has. LOL right now Mom is trying to keep her in the crib. Won't be much longer.

  5. What a cute bed! I bet it was easy for him to sleep in since it is themed with Thomas!

  6. Ah how cute! He has the Jammie's to match! Both my kids had those kinds of toddler beds and infact my oldest being small slept in one until he was five.

  7. Ahh, this is such a hard transition. It feels like they aren't your baby any more. What a cutie he is - love those jammies!

  8. What a cute little guy! My son watched paw patrol when he was younger. He would've liked having a bed like this.

  9. How adorable! He's so precious. You can definitely tell he loved his new big boy bed. So cute.

  10. Wow! Your kid is growing up so fast. It's kind of exciting when we upgrade our kid's bed to a bigger size.

  11. Oh man I had no idea there was a Paw Patrol toddler bed. My 4 and 2 year old would FLIP over this! That looks amazing, so adorable! - Jeanine

  12. That is a cute little toddler bed!! Good luck with the transition!!

  13. My 5 yr old still wants to sleep with us. I wonder if they have a girly version of Paw Patrol bedding with Sky. She might just be talked into sleeping in her own bed.

    1. My 6 year old still ends up in bed with us every night! My 2 year old is a better sleeper than him! HA! I'm not sure if they make one featuring Sky. They totally should though!!

  14. What an adorable little bed! I remember when we moved my son into his big boy bed. =)

  15. Oh wow that bed is super cute and he is too. I am so glad transitioning him was easier than you expected. Sometimes they sure can surprise you!

  16. He looks so happy in his new bed! So exciting to move to this new stage of life!


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