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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lincoln Lost his First Tooth!!!

A couple of months ago, Lincoln mentioned his tooth was hurting. I pretty much started to brush it off, telling him that maybe he cut his gum or something. And then it hit me....I called him over to me and asked him to open his mouth. Sure enough, he had his first loose tooth!

He was very excited about that loose tooth. He told everyone. Each day he'd ask me if it was ready to come out yet. He was so excited about the tooth fairy coming to visit him!!

A few weeks ago, we were at my parents house in Rhode Island. He came up to me concerned that his mouth was bleeding. I took a look at his tooth and knew it was ready to come out. 

Jared asked Lincoln if he wanted him to pull it out, and Lincoln said "YES!!" It took Jared two attempts, but he got that tooth out...

Lincoln was SO proud!! Luckily I was smart and actually brought his tooth fairy pillow with us to Rhode Island. I had a feeling if we left it home, we would be in trouble. Mom always knows best!

We just had one more dilemma...Lincoln was supposed to sleepover my brothers girlfriends house, along with my brother and her two kids. He was looking forward to it, so we had to arrange for the tooth fairy to visit him there.

The tooth fairy never disappoints! I guess they had an issue in the middle of the night. Lincoln rolled over, knocked his pillow underneath the bed, and his coins were lost. So, rather than four quarters, by morning, somehow he ended up with five. Of course now he thinks the tooth fairy gives you coins based on your age. I'll have to remember that.

I just cannot get over how big this boy is getting! In just two weeks he will be SIX YEARS OLD! HOW did that even happen?!

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