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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Glo Wubble Ball - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Feature

The makers of the original Wubble Ball are unstoppable!! Not only were my boys lucky enough to test out the new WubbleX, but we were also sent the new Glo Wubble!! This is seriously the ultimate Wubble -- it looks like a bubble, but plays like a ball! It can inflate up to 3 feet! It comes with a battery operated pump, and inflates in minutes. And here's the best GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! It is ultimate fun for the entire family!!

The Glo Wubble is very much like the original. The only thing that really sets it apart is that this one has glow in the dark capabilities -- which according to my 6 year old, is a pretty big deal!!

Like all Wubble balls, it is very important not to overfill your Wubble. The Glo Wubble is really large (3 ft!), so you want to make sure you have plenty of outdoor space when playing. It is also important that it is far away from any sort of sharp objects, including branches, as these balls are not indestructible. 

For ultimate glow in the dark fun, you will want to place your Glo Wubble in direct sunlight for at least 10 minutes, preferably longer. This will give it a good charge. 

The results are FUN!!

To get your very own Glo Wubble, you can click here. I'm sure it would make a great gift this holiday season!

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary product and compensation for this review. All opinions are my own.

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