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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Leaping Back-to-School with LeapFrog

As a LeapFrog Mom Ambassador, I receive products, promotional items, and educational material to use and share as I see fit. However, any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience. 

In case you missed my ridiculous excited announcement on Facebook, I was selected to be part of the LeapFrog Mom Ambassador program! This means, my family gets to test out the hottest new LeapFrog products of the season, and share our thoughts with you!! We are huge fans of LeapFrog. I really appreciate that their toys are not only fun, but also educational! I am way too excited about this opportunity...and my kids are probably even happier!!

Last month, we were sent a few new products to help us leap back-to-school! 

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Yes. That is the brand spankin' new LeapFrog Platinum!! I really couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted that in our box of goodies -- and to say Lincoln completely flipped out, would be an understatement! 

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That box was loaded!! 

First, let's chat about the LeapPad Platinum. This LeapPad is targeted for kids ages 3-9 years old. Here are a few key features:

- 7" hi-res multi-touch screen
- Fast processor
- Over 1,000+ games
- Kid-safe web
- Parental controls
- Built kid-tough
- 8GB of memory

We're not new to LeapPads in our house. Lincoln had an older version, so he was definitely excited about the upgrade. One thing I really loved was it synced all of his old games from his previous LeapPad over to his new one! 

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As you know, our family travels quite a bit. The LeapPad is seriously a lifesaver in the car. It keeps Lincoln entertained, and I love that he's doing something educational!!

Lincoln also received LeapFrog's new Imagicards. Here you are able to bring your child's favorite characters to life in the downloadable learning game! Imagicards also come with a tin for easy storage, as well as a play mat for offline learning activities. All 30+ cards are digitally stored in the game, so kids can easily play on-the-go!

We received three different sets of Imagicards. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Letter Factory, and Lincoln's favorite - Paw Patrol!

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The final product we received was LeapFrog's Word Whammer. This is so perfect with Lincoln just starting Kindergarten. It contains 3 action-packed games, and 5 different learning levels. It is the perfect tool for beginner readers -- and FUN!! We all know kids learn better if they're enjoying the activity. LeapFrog knows kids!!

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The Word Whammer wasn't just a hit with Lincoln...

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Avery loved it too!! Although he surely doesn't understand the concept yet, I'm sure he'll surprise us sooner than later!

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