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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lincoln's First Day of Kindergarten!

I cannot even believe I'm writing this, but my sweet boy Lincoln has started Kindergarten. Last week he completed his first full week of all day Kindergarten -- and, he rocked it!! 

He is super tired when he gets home, and he literally crashes at bedtime -- but he is really having a blast. He comes home and tells me all about his day in great detail. I just love the little person he has become.

Although the thought of him getting on that big yellow school bus was a bit scary for me...he handled it like a champ! He was not scared or nervous one bit!! He did ask me why there weren't any car seats. I explained it to him by relating it to Disney's Magical Express. HA!

Of course I made him take some cute pictures with me ;)

He asked if we could take one making a "wow" face. So, here are our "wow" faces. HA!

The bus driver had him turn around when he walked onto the bus, so I could snap a photo. Doesn't he just look so, so big?!

And when he came home...he raced to give me a giant hug!!

He was also wearing a sign that said, "Lincoln rocked the first day of school!"

And a family photo, of course!! (my cousin, Jada is staying with us...but that's a post for another day).

It's going to be a great year!!


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  1. We, as parents, must go visit Phoenix pre-k and get to know the teachers. They're happy to have us in the classroom, observing and participating in some of the activities.


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