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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What to Bring to a Blog Conference

Blog conference season is upon us!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy attending blog conferences. I have been to three. BlogHer, Disney Social Media Moms on the Road, and Blogger Bash. I am definitely looking forward to attending many more. Unfortunately, the accident sort of put a huge damper on my plans for conferences this year. I mean...I even got an invite to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Walt Disney World!! I'm really hoping they extend that invite my way again next year! Turning that one down really hurt -- but next year I'll be ready to rock it!!

I want to share a few things I find essential to bring to a blog conference. These items you can find in my blogger bag.

What to bring to a blog conference

1.  Smartphone. This one seems like a given, but it really is super important. Your phone will be in your hand the entire conference. Whether you're tweeting, instagramming, or taking photos, you will need your phone.

2.  Business Cards. I'd recommend putting a nice head shot on your business cards.  You want people to remember you!  You should also include all of your social media channels.

3. Bag. Most blogging conferences will give you one of those cute reusable tote bags. However, you will obviously want to bring a functional bag of your own.

4. External Battery. You will be using your phone a ton. The last thing you need is a dead battery!!

5. Notebook. I always bring a notebook to jot down any important notes.  I love ones that have inspirational quotes on the cover.

6. Lip Balm. Because the last thing you want is dry cracked lips! My favorite is EOS in "sweet mint."

7. Granola Bars. Although some conferences have food, it is always best to come prepared. I always stash a couple of granola bars in my bag. They're perfect to take the edge off if you're getting hungry!!

8. Lip Gloss. Yes, I know I already mentioned lip balm, however, I like to bring both. Sometimes I want something with a touch of color for my lips.

9. Hand Sanitizer. Because it's always best to keep germs far away!

10. Tylenol. There is nothing fun about having a headache. I always come prepared.

11. iPad. Some bloggers will bring their laptop, but I prefer to bring my iPad. It's much more compact. I brought mine to the Disney Social Media Moms on the Road event, and it was great for live tweeting during the conference.  It also helped to save my phone's battery.

12. Business Card Holder. Not only to hold your own business cards in, but as a safe place to store the cards you receive from other bloggers and brands.

13. Pens. I usually bring a few...because you can never have too many pens, am I right?!

14. Mints. No one wants to be remembered as "the blogger who had horrendous breath." Don't let this happen to you!! Mints are your friend.

15. Water Bottle. Hydration is key!! You will feel lousy fast if you become dehydrated. Make sure you're keeping up with your water intake.

Although I'm super disappointed I'm missing out on blog conferences this year, I am really looking forward to attending a few next year. They are so inspirational, and it's always wonderful meeting up with blogger friends -- old and new!!

Are you attending any blog conferences this year? What are some of your must have essentials?

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  1. Any time I attend a conference, I take a nice pair of super comfy socks to treat my feet when the day is done. Conferences mean lots of walking!I love the shea butter infused socks from Bath & Body works.


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