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Friday, July 3, 2015

Five on Friday

Well, it's Friday again! Summer is in full swing, and although I'm still not really able to get out and do much, time is still flying! -- which I suppose is a good thing!! Lincoln finished up t-ball a couple of weeks ago, and he's going to start swim lessons next week. Busy busy!! I also wrote part two of the accident earlier this week, in case you missed it. There will be a part three (hopefully) soon.

So with all of that, here are five random things for you today...

(one). I started aquatic therapy and it's AMAZING!!! I seriously could live in the water. I haven't put any weight on my legs since January, however, I am allowed to bear weight in the pool. My entire body feels incredible after my sessions.

(two). My niece and nephew from Tennessee spent the last month at my in-laws house. They live right next to us, so Lincoln and Avery were able to enjoy lots of time with their big cousins.

(three). Elf jammies in the summer because, why the heck not?!

(four). Lincoln went to visit his great grandfather the other day and made him a card. He drew an eagle on the front. I was really impressed...I don't think I could draw an eagle that well!!

 (five). Lincoln makes this face and seriously looks just like his daddy. Which of course once I told him that, he makes the face all the time! It's pretty amazing seeing yourself in your kids.

Well, that's all I've got! We have some plans for the Fourth. We always go to this huge family cookout -- complete with fireworks!  This year I will probably only be able to stay for a couple of hours, but it will be nice to see everyone.

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!!

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