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Friday, June 12, 2015

Five on Friday

I'm *trying* to get in some sort of blogging routine again.  It's super frustrating though, since typing with my left hand is just about impossible. I lost a lot of strength in my left hand in the accident, and still have some numbness. I should regain everything back, however, it could take up to two years. And speaking of the accident, I promise to write part two soon. 

Today I'm participating in one of my favorite link-ups -- Five on Friday!! So with that, let's go!!

(one).  Every time Lincoln sees a dandelion, he picks it for me.  I adore his sweet little heart. This is something that will never get old.

(two).  Brothers eating waffles together in morning. All cuddled up, and watching some Mickey Mouse.

(three). I know Mother's Day was a month ago, but I need to share how adorable and hilarious this is. And I swear, we do not play the wii 24/7...despite that's what it sounds like!

(four). Summer is finally in full swing! Last year we fenced in our backyard, and made a patio area. The boys have definitely been getting lots of use of their new yard. I love when the two of them cruise around in this little car :)

(five). Although I'm not really able to get out much yet, thankfully my parents decided to treat Lincoln and Avery with a fun zoo trip! They went along with my brother, his girlfriend, and her two kids. They all had a blast!

Well, that's all I have. Did you start watching the third season of Orange is the New Black?! Jared and I watched two episodes last night -- I bet we'll finish the series in a week!

Happy weekend, friends!!


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