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Monday, January 5, 2015

Our 2014 Trip on the Polar Express

Early in December, our family took a trip on the Polar Express.  I realize I'm super duper late with this recap, but I still wanted to share. Two years ago, we started a yearly tradition to take a ride on the Polar Express! Last year Avery was just a newborn, so Lincoln went with just my parents. This year, however, we made it a huge family affair, and it was a blast!  My parents joined us, as well as my brother, his girlfriend, and her two children. The kids were all decked out in their Christmas jammies, and we got on the train!

We were all handed our golden ticket, and we quickly found our seats.  We had the perfect seats. We were right in the middle of the train, where all the action was!!

On our journey, we were told the story of The Polar Express.  Before we knew it, the chefs were ready to serve us yummy cookies!!

And what goes perfect with cookies? -- well, hot chocolate, of course! Music was played and we were told to "never never let it cool!"

After we finished our yummy treat, guess who came to visit?! Yup, that's right...SANTA!!  Santa had a special gift for all the children on the train...their very own magical bell! Lincoln was so very excited!!  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a photo of the kids with Santa. Avery wasn't the biggest fan, so I was holding him while Lincoln visited with him.  But I did manage a quick photo with Lincoln!

After Santa made his way throughout the train, it was time to dance and sing to some Christmas carols! This was probably the kids favorite part. The kids were dancing up and down the aisle.  They were having SO much fun!!

We were going to try a new Polar Express each year, but the kids really had a blast on this one, that they're already saying we need to do a repeat next year!! I think it's safe to say that they really enjoyed themselves!

Now we have to start planning next years trip on the Polar Express -- these tickets sell out fast!  In fact, the one we went on ALREADY has tickets for sale! How crazy is that?!

Do you take your family on a yearly trip on the Polar Express? If you have little ones, I'd definitely suggest you check them out in your area...chances are they have a bunch to choose from!!

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