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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014 Recap

We had a wonderful Christmas.  It snuck up on us rather quickly this year...with our mid-December trip to Disney -- which I still need to blog about. But, we managed to pull it off, and had ourselves a great day with our family.

We had a few Christmas celebrations this year.  The weekend before Christmas, we had a party at my parents house, and celebrated with them, my brother, his girlfriend and her children, as well as some other extended family. This is our second annual celebration, and we usually have a theme!  Last year was "ugly Christmas sweaters," and this year was Christmas pajamas!! Everyone was a HUGE fan of the pajamas, that I think we should do it every year!

Here's me with Lincoln and Haylee, rocking our Santa hats.

My mom and Avery had MATCHING elf jammies!! How stinkin' adorable!  She actually bought his for him, but didn't tell us she bought herself a matching pair!  I only wish you could see her socks in this photo.  They said, "I can't keep calm, Santa's coming!" Hysterical, because we always joke that my mom has a crush on Santa! Ha!

I love catching sweet little moments between my boys.  Avery was way more into the wrapping paper, and tearing it to shreds.

My mom put a silly elf vest and wig in Jared's stocking.  The jammies were already his though!

Here's my sweet Evy pup.  She fell asleep right in the middle of all the boxes and wrapping paper!

Avery loves my Dad.  Seriously, this boy LOVES his Grandpa. He was super tired, so my mom handed him to my dad, and he just fell right asleep.  I love the bond they have with one another -- especially because of all my dad has been through with his liver transplant. Who knows if he ever would have met Avery if he didn't receive it. Just thankful that he did.

When Avery woke up he was the happiest baby ever ... like always!

Christmas Eve is always spent at a big party with Jared's family. His father is one of NINE children. Needless to say, it's quite the event! We have it at a nearby firehouse, everyone brings a dish, and Santa even makes an appearance. The party is always a blast, and something I look forward to every year.

This year all the grandchildren and great grandchildren took a picture with the man who started it all...Jared's grandfather. Almost everyone was there.  Such a great photo!

There's a stage at the firehouse, and it is decorated with a Christmas tree and stocking for the night.  All the kids love it. Lincoln probably spent 90% of his night on the stage. This photo with him and a few of his cousins is super sweet.

After our big Christmas Eve party, we head back to our house and open presents with my parents. Since Lincoln was born, they have always spent the night with us to be there for Christmas. We love celebrating this way, and there's not as many gifts to open in the morning -- because we all know how overboard grandparents can get with those gifts ;)

After the presents were opened, Lincoln and I got out some special treats for Santa. Cookies, milk, and some carrots for his reindeer.

The next morning Lincoln was so excited to see what Santa had brought!! We didn't have our typical New England white Christmas. In fact, it was around 45 degrees! Quite warm for this time of the year!

My favorite gift was from my sweet Lincoln. He went shopping with my father in-law earlier in the week and saw something he wanted to buy for me. He was SO excited to give me this Christmas gift. He was even more excited to give this to me, than he was to open his own presents. This warmed my heart SO much.

Yes. He gave me a FROZEN kids Snuggie. And yes, it fits :) I love love love it. And I love my sweet boy to the moon.

Both my boys crashed at the end of the night...and woke up sick the next day.  But we had a very merry Christmas with our family. I hope your was just as happy.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

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