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Monday, December 1, 2014

A Romantic Date Night in with #YoursandMine

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Jared and I will have been together TEN years this coming February.  We will celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary in May. It's crazy how much we have grown in almost a decade! It's also crazy how much has changed.  Our romantic carefree date nights out, are now a bit different than they used to be. Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Here we have a young, carefree couple.  Totally in love with one another.  They don't have a whole heck of a lot of responsibilities.  Life is good.

That couple gets engaged, and starts to plan their dream wedding.  Fun date nights are still a frequent part of their lives.

The happy couple gets married!!

That same couple builds a house, and before they know it...they have their first child!

Almost exactly four years later, they  have their second baby.

Things change when you have children.  That's a given.  I adore our life with our two sweet boys. 

That being said, it's sometimes all too easy to let that romance fade. It takes the back burner. You have a house to clean, laundry to be done, children to feed, butts to be wiped...you get the picture. 

When you finally have a second to yourself, sometimes the only thing that really sounds appealing is sleep!!

While it can be all too easy to lose that spark...it is SO important that you keep up with the romance!! 

We're in an extremely busy time of the year.  The holiday season.  Not only that, but we are going on vacation in one week.  When we return, it will be Christmas in ten days!! That means, I really have to get everything done NOW, before our trip. Any online ordering needs to be done.  Most of  our Christmas shopping, needs to be complete.  Oh, and we also have to pack for that vacation!! 

Every couple of weeks or so, my husband  and I like to have a little date night in!  It helps us  keep the romance alive!!

#YoursandMine #ad

Lincoln will usually have a sleepover at my in-laws house, and Avery usually goes to bed anywhere between 7:30-8 PM.  We like to keep is pretty simple. A movie, some wine, chocolates, and K-Y Yours + Mine -- all in the comfort of our own home!!


I was shopping at Walmart the other day, and noticed a special "Date Night" package.  Obviously that caught my attention!!  Included is one free meal for two people, valued at $50 from PEACHDISH.com, as well as a $5 VUDU movie credit for you to stream at home. It's really  everything you need for a romantic date night at home.  SOLD!!!

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Although times have changed, there's always time to rekindle your romance -- and what better time to do so than during the holiday season?!

Take a time-out from your hectic routine, and make time for a date night in with your significant other.  K-Y makes it super easy, and your partner will thank you for it.  Trust me.

For more great ways to spice up your relationship this holiday season, visit K-Y.com.


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