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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mommy & Lincoln Date

Last week I had a very important date.  One I have been looking forward to for a long time.  A special date with my sweet boy, Lincoln!  Ever since we heard about Big Hero 6 coming to theaters, we started to plan our special day out.  Lincoln would seriously talk about it every single day.  He was so excited.  And honestly?  I think I was even more excited!! 

I was looking forward to spending some one-on-one time with my biggest.  While we love going out as a family, I think it's important to have these special little dates individually with your children.  Every so often, they crave that undivided attention...and I love giving it to them! 

Our day started off with a trip to Michael's.  I needed to get some craft supplies for their upcoming birthday parties.  He of course also managed to get an Angry Birds coloring book and some fox earmuffs out of me. We also picked out some fun holiday crafts to do together.  

Next we hit up Walgreen's - and we may have went a little bit candy crazy! We chose some of our favorites - Swedish Fish, Gummy Bears, Skittles, and TWO boxes of Reese's Pieces...because we both love them so much!  We also each got some iced tea.  

Then it was time to go to the movie!! We were armed with our iced tea and candy!!  We took a quick potty break before the show started....and took a little Mommy/Lincoln selfie ;)

The movie was fantastic, and I must say that I had the cutest little date in the theater!

On the way home Lincoln asked when we could have our next Mommy/Lincoln date - and he told me I drive better than Daddy.  He said Daddy's a crazy driver!  Silly boy!

I am definitely looking forward to many more of these special dates with my sweet boy.


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