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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lincoln is FIVE!!!

My sweet boy, Lincoln,

Today at 8:43 AM, you are FIVE YEARS OLD! One whole hand, my big boy!! This past year, you have really grown so much.

Sometimes I am amazed that you are only five years old.  Although you are a little boy, you can be very mature for your age. The questions you ask, and your understanding of things really amazes me.  You are so, so incredibly smart.  And funny.  Oh my goodness, you are funny!  We never know what you are going to say!  Your brother thinks you are pretty much the funniest person on the planet - and, he's probably right!

You idolize your Daddy. Everything he does you want to do too. You want big muscles like him. You want to shave like him. You even want to wear deodorant like him!! And of course, you say you want to be a police officer when you grow up, so you can catch the bad guys with daddy. Your daddy loves you so much. You really are his best little buddy. 

You are the biggest Momma's boy - which of course I love. At just 5 years old, you are incredibly protective of me.  God help anyone who ever tries to mess with your momma - they will have to answer to you! You are still my little cuddlebug. No one cuddles like you! 

You have the kindest heart I have ever known. You are a sweet, sweet boy. You are very considerate and aware of others feelings. You have such a gentle soul. You just want everyone to be happy. The world is a happier place because of you, my sweet boy. I hope you always have this incredible sense of life within you. You are going to do great things in this world, I just know it! You have the power to make people smile. Your personality is infectious, and others light up in your presence. 

Birthdays are a bittersweet time for me. They mean you're growing up - even though it seems like you were born just yesterday. But although sometimes I may yearn for the tiny baby you once were, I love watching you grow into the amazing little boy you are becoming. I am so proud to be your mommy. I will always be your biggest fan. 

Happy 5th birthday, my sweet boy, Lincoln. I love you "all the time." 


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