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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

One-On-One Time With My Littlest

It's a known fact that baby #2 (or 3 or 4), will never get that same precious one-on-one time that your first baby had.  And even when the second baby arrives, you are still consumed so much with your first.  You want to make sure he is adjusting well.  You ensure he still feels loved.  You may try to spend even extra time with your first during this adjustment.  This is why I try to treasure each and every second of one-on-one time I have with my sweet Avery.

Lincoln was my first baby.  He is the little boy who made me a Momma.  He opened my heart to a whole new love I never knew even existed.

Avery is my last baby.  He has stretched my heart with so much love and completed it. He is the final little piece to our family.  Our last sweet baby.

I remember being in the hospital after my c-section and just staring at him.  Trying to remember every little tiny detail of his newness.  Never again would I hold a newborn baby of my own.  I would snuggle him in close, and breathe in that sweet newborn smell.

Yet as much as I try to pause time, it just seems to go by faster and faster.  My littlest, my last baby, will be turning one next month.  That seems so unreal.  It's an incredibly bittersweet feeling.  Knowing we are almost done with the infant stage...forever.

Last week Jared's brother and his kids were visiting from Tennessee.  Lincoln literally spent every single second with his big cousins.  He even slept at my in-laws those four nights they were here.  He had so much fun.

And me?  Well, I got to spend some precious one-on-one time with the happiest baby I ever did see.

Oh my little sweet Avery.  I hope he is always this happy in life.  My mom says his personality is a lot like how I was as a baby.  Apparently I was always happy too...go figure ;)

Of course I missed Lincoln while he was playing with his cousins.  But he was happy, and this boy got something he doesn't get too often....Mommy's undivided attention...

He's actually been having some rough nights in the sleep department.  Normally he is such a rock star with sleeping. However, he has reached the stage where he sits up and doesn't seem to know how to lie down to go back to sleep.  This results in a half asleep baby, sitting up and crying.

So I did what I knew how to do best.  I picked up my baby, and we cuddled.  For four nights, Avery slept in bed with me...something I have never done with him.  

Jared was working the overnight shift, so I figured, "why the heck not!

We've been co-sleeping with Lincoln since he was 9 months old....and yes, he still sleeps with us.  He will get into his own bed -- someday.  But for now, he needs me.  And I'm okay with that.  

Those four nights Avery needed some extra snuggles....and I did too.  I needed to cuddle my sweet little baby.  

There is no greater feeling than a heavy, sleeping baby nestled onto your chest.  The love that fills your heart, is indescribable.

These moments.  They won't last forever.  Soon my baby will be off running with his big brother. So these sweet snuggles will be cherished.  They will be remembered.  And I will take them every chance I can get.


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