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Friday, October 3, 2014

Five on Friday | V.16

I'm so excited one of my favorite link-ups is back!  The Five on Friday link-up took a break for the summer, but it's back!  Yippee!!! 

I love this link-up.  I love telling you all these random things.  It's a great way to keep you all updated on our (very) busy lives!

So with that, let's go!

(one).  I may have brought a ridiculous amount of these toiletries back from Disney.  You guys.  These are seriously the best little toiletries I have everrrrr received at a hotel...and I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that Tink is on them!  But in all seriousness, they smell amazzzzing!

(two).  Speaking of Disney...we have started our vinylmation collection!  The Hollywood Studios one I received at the Disney Social Media Moms event, and the other one we purchased on our recent vacation.  It's a Disney Vacation Club Member vinylmation.  Lincoln went nuts when I told him it said, "Home Sweet Home."  He literally said that every time we walked into our hotel room :)

(three).  Speaking of collections.  I am SO obsessed with foxes.  Seriously.  Legit.  Obsessed.  I saw these adorable salt & pepper shakers are Target the other day, and obviously they are now in my house.  And I really don't think I'll actually put salt & pepper in them either.  They are just so stinkin' cute!!

Also?  Fox Christmas ornaments.  I don't care that Halloween hasn't even happened yet...these were too cute to pass up!

(four).  We had a little scare with our crazy cat, Oliver last week.  He had his annual vet appointment, and they felt something that shouldn't be there in his tummy.  After an x-ray it was determined he had a bunch of "junk" in his stomach.  The junk ended up being string, hair elastics, rubber bands, shoe laces, etc.  It was a hefty bill, but we're just thankful he's okay.  He has been super sweet since his surgery.  He has never cuddled like this with Lincoln before....Lincoln obviously hated every second of it ;)

(five).  I have so much I need to share with you all.  I have a Disney recap to tell you all about.  I promise I will get there soon.  But for's a family photo.  Our trip had lots of ups and downs, but this right here...this is my little slice of heaven.

Happy weekend, everyone!!

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