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Friday, October 31, 2014

Avery is 11 Months Old!!

Oh my.  This one is hard for me my sweet Avery.  You are now already 11 months old (and have been for 2 weeks now).  You are thisclose to turning ONE!  My sweet last little baby.  My precious Avery-bug.  How I love and adore you.

This is the month you FINALLY decided to crawl!!  You started off slowly and cautiously.  But it literally only took you a few days to master the fine art of crawling.  You apparently just wanted to wait so long so you could do it to perfection! 

This month you also mastered the sippy cup!  What a big boy!  I cannot believe our days of formula are numbered.  Soon we will be working on the transition to whole milk! 

You are still my little bottomless pit.  Oh how you love to eat!  I have yet to find a food you do not like, and most nights you can out-eat your big brother!  

Bath time is one of your favorite times.  You love playing in the bathtub with your brother.  In fact, you really, really adore Lincoln.  He is the only one who can still make you laugh even if you're really upset.  It is amazing to watch the bond the two of you are forming daily.  

You say "Mama" "Dada" and "Baba."  I cannot wait to hear what you call Lincoln!  

You still have six teeth, so no new ones this month! 

You are also still wearing mostly size 24 month clothing....my big boy!!

For the most part, you still are waking up once during the night.  Sometimes you want a bottle, but most of the time you just want some snuggles from your Momma.  It really is the sweetest thing ever.  I only have to pick you up, and you cuddle into me, laying your head on my shoulder, and you drift right back to sleep.  I'll usually rock you for 15 minutes or so, and then you go right back to bed.  

Speaking of bed. I still have you in the pack n play next to mine.  I cannot seem to be ready to transfer you to your room in the crib yet!  I just like having you close by! 

We finally had your 11 month photo shoot.  In case you cannot tell from these photos...YOU ARE ON THE MOVE!!!

And of course, a few of my favorite from this past month.

Oh my sweet little Avery.  Although I wish I could keep you this small, I enjoy watching you grow and discover new things each day.  You are the perfect little puzzle piece to our family.  You make us whole. Happy 11 months my baby.  I love you, forever.


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