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Monday, September 8, 2014

Bedtime is Fun Time with Gymboree!

This is a sponsored blog post. I received compensation from Gymboree. The opinions and text are all mine.

Bedtime has always been a hard time in our household.  Lincoln is and always has been the biggest night owl ever.  Ever since he was a tiny babe, he just loved to party during the wee hours of the night -- or would that be morning?  He's always been fascinated the the moon and the stars.  In fact, we have one of those projectors that turn our room into a starry night sky when it's dark.  

I think books are an important part of a bedtime routine.  They help little ones wind-down and relax. I have such fond memories of my brother and me snuggling up with my mom, while she read us our bedtime story. I've been a long time fan of the author Eric Carle.  Lincoln and Avery both adore his stories.  The book, "Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me," is a sure favorite for my moon-loving Lincoln.  

Surprisingly enough, I've found that bedtime is a whole heck of a lot easier if my kids have fun sleepwear.  Lincoln loves pajamas.  He could seriously live in them...and in fact, we have been known to have jammie days over here quite often!  During a recent trip  Gymboree, (aka: my favorite place to shop for my boys), I just about squealed out loud.  Did you know that Eric Carle and Gymboree have teamed up bringing their brands together?  Recently, an entire line of playwear and sleepwear was launched, featuring vibrant designs from classics like, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

I knew Lincoln would be super excited about this clothing launch, so I let him choose a pair of pajamas for himself and his brother.  I showed him all of the designs.  It didn't surprise me one bit that he chose the 'Moon & Stars' jammies.  He also insisted that Avery get a matching pair.  If it's one thing I love about having two's matching them in coordinating outfits!  There really is nothing cuter than matching brothers :)

Gymboree Eric Carle #WhatDoYouSee

Gymboree Eric Carle #WhatDoYouSee

Avery clearly adores his brother.  He just cannot stop looking at him.  They are so sweet with each other.
Gymboree Eric Carle #WhatDoYouSee

Gymboree Eric Carle #WhatDoYouSee

Gymboree Eric Carle #WhatDoYouSee

Gymboree Eric Carle #WhatDoYouSee

Gymboree Eric Carle #WhatDoYouSee

Gymboree Eric Carle #WhatDoYouSee

Don't my boys look sweet in their matching sleepwear?

There's also a fun photo contest going's some info:

Inspired by Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See, from 9/2-9/30, we will be hosting a photo contest, where we are encouraging parents to help their little ones take a picture of what they see. 

Entrants can submit a photo via Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or via our designated direct photo upload site, using the hashtag, #WhatDoYouSee. 

For even more fun, download our iPhone app so you and your little one can add some Eric Carle fun to your photos and play a caterpillar game!

Entrants of the #WhatDoYouSee contest will have the chance of winning one of ten Eric Carle gift baskets including: A House for Hermit Crab book, a signed copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar book, figurines, stickers, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sippy Cup, Chunky Colored Pencils, Match and Munch Game, Place Mats Book, and Stage & Play (Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) $144.99). 

The winners will be announced at the end of the contest period, which is 9/30/14.

Have you checked out The World of Eric Carle at Gymboree?  


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