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Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to School Supply Cake

Lincoln just started his final year in preschool.  This is his third year with this teacher.  She is simply amazing with him, and he really adores her.  We will miss her so much when he heads off to Kindergarten next year.  Last year, we gave his classroom a little "welcome back to school" gift.   It was pretty simple.  Just a bag filled with some classroom necessities -- paper towels, Lysol wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, etc. This year I knew I wanted to do something BIG.  I turned to Pinterest, and found some awesome ideas on creating a "Back to School Supply Cake!"  Sounds fun, right?!

back to school supply cake

Lincoln was so, so SO excited to help make this "cake" -- although he wanted to know where the cupcakes were -- Silly boy!!

He was so excited to go pick out all the supplies we needed to make the final masterpiece.  Here's how to make your very own!


-- 2 different size nesting boxes
-- square box of tissues
-- ribbon
-- 8 bottles of glue
-- 8 packages of glue sticks
-- 10 boxes of crayons
-- a sturdy board for the bottom
-- wrapping paper
-- a fun decoration for the top
-- glue gun

Making the cake was really simple.  Here's how it's done:

--start off by wrapping your sturdy board with decorative wrapping paper.  We purchased a thin piece of plywood from Michaels.

--Next glue your larger nesting box on top of the board, followed by gluing the smaller nesting box on top.

--Now glue your tissue box on top of your nesting box.

--Starting with the bottom layer, place your crayons around the nesting box.  Secure tightly with ribbon.  You can glue the crayon boxes to the nesting box, however I wanted them to still look nice when taken apart :)

--Next place your glue sticks around the smaller nesting box.  These were easier, because we were able to tuck in the top of the glue stick packaging inside the nesting box lid.  Again, secure with ribbon.

--Now the hardest the liquid glue bottles around the tissue box.  Secure with ribbon.

--Glue your decoration on the top of the tissue box.  We found this super cute apple at Michael's.

That's it!  You're done!! Time to celebrate -- and take lots of pictures!!

back to school supply cake

back to school supply cake

back to school supply cake

Lincoln was really excited about giving it to his teacher.  We had an open house the day before he officially started school, so we brought it with us then.

back to school supply cake

When we walked through the door with the supply cake, his teacher literally gasped out loud!  Lincoln made sure to immediately tell her that the apple was just pretend :)

The next day there was a note in Lincoln's backpack.  Apparently all the other teachers in the school were quite jealous with her supply cake!

Did you send your child to school with a back to school gift for the classroom?  Hope your little ones all have a fantastic year!!


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