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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Night Out in NYC!!!

Although my recent trip to NYC for Sweet Suite and Blogger Bash was technically a "work related" event...I still managed to squeeze in a night out while in the big city!  

I met up with Heather and Mel back at the hotel.  Jared was our "chaperon" for the evening. Ha! 

We used the Uber car service.  It was seriously amazing, and way better than a taxi.  We had a $30 credit, so it was a free ride.  Because you link the app to your credit card or paypal account, there is never any money exchanged.  So awesome.  We also got to ride in a fancy car...rather than a yellow cab.  Win win!!

Anyways, the first place we headed to was FAO Schwartz on 5th Avenue.  That's right.  What do a bunch of Mom Bloggers do on their night out in NYC?  Well, we go to a giant toy store, of course!!  Seriously, it was so fun, and if you're ever in the city you should absolutely go there.  It's THREE floors!!  I bought each of the boys a little special something.

I mean, how cool is this Ana and Olaf play set?!  I kind of want one for myself!!

After spending some time at FAO, we were pretty hungry.  We stopped at a nearby Italian restaurant for some amazingly yummy chicken parm.  Yes.  We all ordered chicken parm, except for Jared.  He got a calzone that could have seriously fed all of us!

After dinner, we called for another car from Uber, and decided to venture out to Times Square.

Times Square was packed...naturally.

When we were walking, we found ourselves in front of the Disney store!!  You know we had to stop inside!!

That was probably the best Disney store I have ever been in.  It was so huge, being 2 floors!  I picked up something for the boys here as well.  They're not spoiled or anything ;)

We finished walking Times Square and then decided to head back to the hotel and call it a night.

Jared had to snap a photo of the New York Police Dept.!

What a fun time we had in NYC!!

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