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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This is Why I Blog

A couple of weeks ago when I was taking Avery's 8 month photos, Lincoln wanted to get in on a few of the shots...naturally.  Of course, I never pass up an opportunity to photograph my boys...and when it's the two of them together, I am even more happy to oblige! 

This is why I blog.

When people ask me why I blog, or what my blog is about, this is what I tell them.  My two sweet boys.  They are the reason behind my blog.  They are why I began blogging in the first place.  As much as this blog is mine, it is theirs as well.  It holds their stories.  Their memories.  It holds laughter, joy, and tears.  It holds adventure, triumphs, and letdowns. It holds love.  It holds so much love.

One day when they are grown, and have families of their own, I hope they can look back and share these stories with them.  I hope they read my posts and letters to them, and know how loved they were.  How they were my whole world.  My life.  My reason for breathing.  My reason for everything. 

Capturing these sweet moments, these memories that pass us in the blink of an eye.  I want to remember and cherish them always.  I want to be able to share these moments with my sons when they are grown.  I want to sit with my grandchildren and share stories of their fathers when they were young. 

They are my true purpose in life.  Being their mother is my greatest achievement, and always will be.  The pride I have for my boys is something so very special to me.  Never in a million years could I have ever imagined how much love my heart could hold for my children. 

This is why I blog.  For them.  My two sweet beautiful boys.  It's always for them.


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