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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sweet Suite 2014 Box of Awesome!! #SweetSuite14

If you have been to Sweet Suite, then you are familiar with the big ol' box of awesome they ship directly to your house after the big event.  Although this was my first Sweet Suite I attended, I was very familiar with this box.  When it arrived on my front porch just days after I returned from Blogger Bash, I seriously couldn't wait to tear it open.

#SweetSuite14 #BBNYC

I kept going back and forth debating opening the box when Lincoln was asleep, or just letting him help me open it, and basically make him the happiest boy ever. 

I chose to let him help.  However, I did say that not everything in the box would be for him.  When I opened it up, I think we were both surprised!!

#SweetSuite14 #BBNYC

You guys.  It was filled to the brim!  Super packed, and loaded with a huge assortment of toys!! Lincoln and I emptied the box and just sat on the floor for awhile checking everything out.

#SweetSuite14 #BBNYC

Is your jaw still on the floor?! 

There was even a little something my sweet Avery could play with.  Thank you, Mega Bloks!

Lincoln is totally my kid.  He was thrilled to see Grumpy Bear, and fell asleep cuddling him that night.  Grumpy has already accompanied us on a sleepover to Grammy and Grandpa's house, and Lincoln just adores him!

Another major hit in the box was Goldie Blox.  These sort of remind me of Tinker Toys however, they are in more pastel colors, marketed toward girls.  I may be a boy mom, but that doesn't mean my sweet Lincoln can't play with Goldie Blox!  These were one of his favorites!  He continues to build new things with them.  Here is his spaceship.

#SweetSuite14 #BBNYC Goldie Blox

Lincoln also had fun with the Tiggly shapes using their apps on the iPad.

#SweetSuite14 #BBNYC Tiggly Shapes

Another fun item in the box was Squigz!  I wish there was more than one, so Lincoln could stick them together...rather than on his head, hah!

Other favorites from the box of awesome were Rubble from Paw Patrol, Sands Alive, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Skylanders, and SO many games! I am especially excited about Bananagrams Wild Tiles.  I've been anxious to play this one!!

There was also a bunch of fun girl toys that I plan on dispersing for some great gifts this holiday season!  I know some little ladies that will be pleasantly surprised!!

Many, many thanks to The Big Toy Book for not only an awesome evening at Sweet Suite, but for an amazing box of awesome!  My sweet Lincoln sends you lots of hugs and kisses!

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