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Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Let's Get Fired Up" with Paw Patrol!

Last month when I attended Sweet Suite and Blogger Bash, I had the pleasure of chatting with a few of the amazing representatives from Spin Master toys.  They were definitely one of my "must meet" brands when I was there.  After all, they are the makers of Paw Patrol!

Lincoln has been a huge fan of Paw Patrol for over a year now.  The show debuted last summer, however, the toys were recently launched in stores this past spring.  This was certainly the most anticipated toy line ever for him.  

My little boy's day was made when he received a special package in the mail.  Inside were TWO toys from his favorite show!  Paw Patrol Real Talking Marshall and Rubble's Digg'n Bulldozer.

Let's talk about Marshall for a second.  He has seriously not left Lincoln's side since he received him.  He snuggles him at bedtime each night.  Marshall even joins us for family games at the kitchen table.  And yes, Marshall plays too.  He gets his own little game piece and everything.  It's seriously adorable.

Marshall is a soft plush toy.  His badge lights up when you squeeze his belly.  Marshall will bark, howl, and say popular phrases from the show like, "Let's go go go," "I'm fired up," and "I'm on it!

I think we might even have a little Paw Patrol fan in the making.  Avery was quite smitten with Marshall, as well!

Lincoln also was thrilled to have Rubble's Digg'n Bulldozer join his collection.  This is a push play bulldozer and action figure toy!  Rubble's bulldozer features a movable drill and movable scoop.  Lincoln already had a few other figures from this line, so he was really happy to have Rubble join the bunch!

I was looking on the Paw Patrol website, and noticed there is a Real Talking Chase!  I just know this will be on Lincoln's Christmas wish list. He adores Chase -- primarily I think because his Daddy is a police officer. :)

Are your kids fans of Paw Patrol?  Who is their favorite pup?


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