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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Blogger Bash Day 2 Recap #BBNYC


You can read about my first day at Blogger Bash Sweet Suite here.

Day two at Blogger Bash started bright and early with a Bat-Tastic Breakfast, sponsored by the new LEGO Batman 3!  Lincoln would have seriously been so amazed, had he been there.  You all know how obsessed he is with Batman!

I met up with long time blogging buddies Heather and Mel, to enjoy our breakfast and events for the day.

It was so great to meet these two ladies in "real" life.  They have lived inside of my computer for a couple of years now.  They were both SO nice, and they were really fun!

After breakfast it was time for "Speed Dating with Brands."  This was really exactly how it sounds.  There were representatives from different companies sitting at round tables.  About 6 bloggers would sit with the brands of their choosing at a time.  Here we were able to learn a bit what they are looking for in terms of working with bloggers.  We got to ask questions, and they in turn got to ask us questions!  It was so crazy, because there was just SO many brands!  I didn't want to miss someone! But it was very informative, and I am really happy with the results.

Although I am a boy mom, I couldn't help but take a photo with this sweet doll from Girlz N Dollz!  My niece may need one of these for Christmas!

Once we finished up, it was almost time for lunch.  Thankfully, we were right in the front of this HUGE line to get in.  I guess everyone was excited about the Johnny Rockets lunch!

Lunch was sandwiches and salads, and then we got to create our own milkshakes!  They were pretty yummy!

There was also a ketchup artist. What?  You've never seen a ketchup artist?  Well, now you have!

Next up was Baby Palooza.  This was probably one of the events I was most excited about.  There were some pretty big names like Joovy and Britax that I couldn't wait to meet!

Check out this little balance bike from Joovy. 

And OMG the double stroller!  We totally need a new double!

I love this Britax Frontier car seat.  It would seriously fit my boys until they no longer need a car seat...although I plan on keeping them in one until they're 18 ;)

Britax also had some nice strollers.  The padding on this stroller has almost a "memory touch" feel to it.  I'm sure it's super comfy for little ones.

I loved the colors on this double BOB.

Baby Alert USA was there showing us their life saving product. You simply attach this device onto the baby's car seat.  If for some reason you forget to take your baby out of the car, it alerts you on your keychain. 

I want my boys to have these adorable ducks and bath toys from Boon!

And how gorgeous is this diaper bag print from JJ Cole?!

Joovy also had this darling little trike!  This would be so sweet for my little Avery!

Jamberry was there giving manicures.  While I didn't get a mani, I did stop by to check out their products.  Did you know Jamberry now has nailpolish?!

Next up was EA Social Suite!  Another room was filled with even more brands!

There was some gorgeous jewelry from Joseph Nogucci.  Check out these stunning bracelets.

My favorite thing ever at EA Social Suite was the Wubble Bubble Ball. It looks like a bubble, plays like a ball!  There were kids lounging on these like they were bean bag chairs!  They are virtually indestructible!

Alex's Lemonade Stand was also there raising awareness for childhood cancer.  Such an important cause.  I love everything Alex's Lemonade Stand represents.

Blogger Bash also had one more event that evening.  It was the KidzVuz Back to School Party!  If you had children with you, this was actually an event they were able to attend.  Our boys stayed with my parents, but we still checked it out for a bit. 

We left the event around 6:30pm or so, and headed back to the hotel.  We went out that night, but I'll save that for another post.

That concluded the festivities of Blogger Bash.  It was truly a great event.  I made many connections that I'm looking forward to sharing with you soon. I am definitely looking forward to attending next year!

A huge thank you to Joey, Charlene, Steph, and Laurie, for putting on a stellar event!

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